Brotherhood Protectors: Lost Signal Book Cover Brotherhood Protectors: Lost Signal
Unknown Identities Book 6
Regan Black
Kindle Worlds
April 3, 2018

A covert agency turned him into an indefatigable operative who survives by two rules: carry out all orders as given and never leave a witness.

Wildlife photographer Hope Small has returned to the Crow Reservation in Montana to capture footage of migrating birds. Her ordinary day full of waiting in a beautiful, remote field becomes a nightmare when an armed man crosses her path and abruptly begins to hunt her.

Running for her life, she does what she must to survive, only to discover the man beneath the cold-blooded killer. A man in desperate need of help that only she can provide.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

This is the next book in the new continuing UI Series.  Regan Black you have done it again! I am so taken with this series, from Bullet Proof, your world building is unbelievable. The doctors and laboratories, hidden from view, are using men like mice and transforming them into killing machines.

These young men have been tortured, dosed with all kinds of medication to make them walking zombies answering only to the voice in their ear and the kill, kill kill life. In this story we have a young man, Owen Harbison,   one of the three soldiers from the last book who has to follow orders, kill and do not leave witnesses. He has fulfilled the first part of his mission and is running to make his pick up when he sees someone in a field he is running in and veers to leave no witness.

Hope Small has returned to the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana  where she hd grown up. She is a photographer there to take wildlife pictures and is watching this man through her lens run faster than anyone she has ever seen. She sees him ‘see her’  and realizes he changes direction. Her fears are validated when a bullet almost hits her and she realizes she is now his prey.

Regan again we have a wonderful story of bravery from both characters and a great thriller….

Again 5 stars…cant wait for more!!!