The Cattle Baron's Kid Book Cover The Cattle Baron's Kid
The McCoys Book 4
Toni V. Sweeney
Historical Romance
Class Act Books
May 13, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Ever since The kan Ingran Series years ago, also written by this talented author, have I ever been so mesmerized by a story. Toni Sweeney has such wonderful gift. Story telling is such an art that many writers never accomplish.

The author’s descriptions, gives the reader a portrait, as we see the barren countryside is amazing. The ‘trip’ to town is an excursion for us to see wild flowers, the salt flats, the high grass, and the fruit trees. It is the 1800’s, the old west, the railroad now going thru Four Corners, renamed McCoy’s Crossing> Named after the family McCoy; who saw the future with Padraig McCoy’s chance stopping there and asking for a job.

Padraig’s son and his brother Colin’s son have remained, as both sets of parents have gone back to the old country with their wives upon the death of Donal in a terrible accident. Both young sons left behind to run each families ranches. They are in their early twenties are coming of age and beginning to go their own path.

Padraig’s son, Quill is the product of his parents and resembles his Mom, who has kept a deep dark secret from her husband, her son, and her mother. Wonder when and if this will ever be revealed.

Liam, Colin’s son has sold his father’s ranch to his cousin Quill to keep it in family. He has gone into business in town, running the Saloon, Hotel and the Ladies of the evening.

Love at first sight has found Quill, minutes after meeting a beautiful young Creole girl Angelique. She is from New Orleans who he soon learns is his best friend Phillippe’s sister. His father Padraig met his mother in the same fashion a beautiful girl stepping into town. The lie of Phillippe’s death could have ruined it all for the lovers, but in Sweeney fashion we have a ton of angst which makes the story even more!.

Ms. Sweeney has started the original Patriarch Quentin, having three sons, Donal, Colin and Padraig…Now we are enjoying the next generation, on the other side of the ocean in America. Cannot wait for the next story as I think Liam will take after his Uncle Padraig rather than his quiet meek dad…. . I also must say, these are not short novellas, Ms. Sweeney never at a loss for words gives us rich, fulfilling novels for this story. 5 Stars