Chaos in the Coven Book Cover Chaos in the Coven
Witches of Raven's Landing Book 3
Saskia Walker
Paranormal Romance/Demons and Devils/Witches and Wizards
Independently Published
March 9, 2021

The paranormal heritage of Raven’s Landing is about to be torn apart for the sake of a documentary, throwing the coven into chaos.

Aveline and Eben are devoted friends, but Eben wants more—and deep down, so does Aveline. Something in the past is holding them apart. Eben Ayotunde is a stoic, gifted male witch, one who learned of his magic in a baptism of fire in his homeland. He is humble and hardworking, but when provoked strikes like lightning, with fire and brimstone as his tools. Eben came to Raven’s Landing to be at one with people of his kind, but his attraction to Aveline allows him no peace. When she is threatened, there’s no other choice for Eben but to protect her—even if it risks the disapproval of The Witches’ Council, and the wrath of the Lord of the Underworld.

Aveline Pascoe, the respected local librarian, mourns the loss of the academic life she had before she learned she was magical, and that’s what’s holding her back from loving Eben. When Aveline’s ex arrives—a professor who scorns the supernatural—to take apart the mythology and folklore of Raven’s Landing, Aveline is forced to face her past, and defend what she has become. In doing so, she learns what is worth defending, and who is destined to be her true hero.

Reviewed by Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

The sleepy little town of Raven’s Landing, Cornwall is like a lot of other market towns. Nothing much is happening. People move there to live a simple life. 


And they come because of the coven. Raven’s Landing has a secret group of witches who have come to the town to be around people with special powers. The nexus of the activity is centered in the local magic shop, The Cauldron. Run by coven leader Celeste Penrose, it serves as the meeting place for the magical people. The bakery next door is run by another coven member, Rowena Meldrum.


But trouble has come to the little town in the form of a television production company. They want to send in a team who wants to make a documentary searching for the paranormal in the town. They approach librarian, Aveline Pasco, about investigating the local myths and legends of ghosts and other paranormal things. She tries to tell them that there are other towns with much more reported activity but the scout for the production wasn’t taking the suggestion.


The show had to be done in Raven’s landing. 


At that point Aveline’s warning bells went off in her head. It also went off for fellow coven member Sunny Chambers, who has heard the discussion. 


Another coven member sees some of the production members walking through the nearby forest. EbenAyotunde also gets the feeling these people are in Raven’s Landing for something that may prove to be a problem.


The coven closes ranks and decides to not use magic while the documentary crew is in town lest they become the center of attention. They had no way of knowing just how right their premonitions would turn out to be. And those premonitions center on Aveline.


The company comes to the town and they bring with them the one person she never wanted to see, a professor named Charles Montague. He doesn’t believe in the paranormal but here he was, in the town Aveline had come to call home and he wants to pick up where they left off.


That’s the last thing Aveline wants, she’s friends with Eben and the friendship is very close to becoming much more in Eben’s desires. 


The story winds through the documentary team’s attempts to document the paranormal, a disturbed ghost with a message, and Montague’s insistence that he is the only man for Aveline, who wants to get away from him. The disturbance even attracts the attention of the Witches Council.


Aveline, Eban, and the coven of Raven’s Landing will have to battle on all fronts, and Sunny’s premonition says that this will all end in flames. Eban’s magic is fire magic and he will have to hold back the powers while still trying to keep Aveline safe from the man who would take her away from him.


I am hooked on the Witches of Raven’s Landing series. This is the third book and it’s just as good as the other two. The characters are believable and the romance doesn’t overpower the other story of the documentary. It’s a good balance of both. I was surprised about the twist (no spoilers!) at the end, it was signaled a few times but so subtly that I totally missed it until it happened. I like that in a book.


Siskia Walker’s style of writing made it easy to read and I can still see the places and people from the book. It got me involved in wanting things to turn out well. The villain was just great, one of those characters you like to dislike. 


Like the other two installments, I’m highly recommending this book, and the other two as well. It’s a fantastic series.