Charlie Chyrsalis: Angel or Not? Book Cover Charlie Chyrsalis: Angel or Not?
Lou Sylvre
Independently Published
February 1, 2021
LGBT Paranormal Romance/Angels and Demons/NOVELLA

*If he succeeds, he gets angel wings. If he fails, he gets unspeakable pain. What if Charlie wants neither?
*Urban fantasy light with a touch of gay romance in a slightly noir short story with a very happy ending.
*In another Los Angeles, two Nephilim take hell-horses into battle against Angels, risking everything in an effort to give Hell’s lowliest slaves a chance at freedom.
*Eventually, every Nephilim must face Choosing Day, and for Charlie Chrysalis, the day has arrived. At Angel Headquarters in Los Angeles, the Angel Sidriel—Charlie’s guardian and also his worst enemy—asks the key question: “Spirit or Flesh?” If he chooses Spirit, Sid will certainly do everything he can to make sure Charlie fails, but he’s made up his mind. His test: solve Region Six Immigration Crimes Case D665. It looks like a piece of cake. But can Charlie bring down Sidriel's brand of justice upon innocent, unfortunate souls, even if it means he must silence his heart and sacrifice the respect—and possibly love—of the one man he doesn't want to disappoint?

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This quick read takes a unique look at what life is like as an angel.  In just a few pages, the main character, Charlie, is challenged to face decisions that will determine not just his own future.  I enjoyed seeing that the “heavenly beings” were not all the same, especially our antagonist.  I felt like I needed a little bit more, especially background information to explain some of the choices and behaviors in the book.   I was just getting invested when it was all over.  It was a very sweet and unexpected story, I just wanted more.