Charlotte Book Cover Charlotte
Brides of the Oregon Trail, Book 6
Cynthia Woolf
History, Western, Romance
Firehouse Publishing
December 9, 2019

Travis MacGregor came to Oregon City to start over. Determined to put his past behind him, he believes a proper wife is all that's missing from the proper life he's always wanted. He has worked hard to establish his formal reputation as an upstanding and no-nonsense lawyer. However, the moment he meets Charlotte Taylor, he can't fight his attraction despite her unconventional, hell-raising ways.

Charlotte "Charlie" Taylor has been dressing like a man and wearing guns since her father kicked her out of the house when she was seventeen. She is perfectly happy with her life until she meets the insufferable Travis MacGregor. He claims to desire her, but how can she trust the new lawyer in town when he makes it no secret that he needs a proper wife to make his dreams come true. Charlie isn't the "proper" anything, but that doesn't stop her wayward heart from feeling things she never imagined possible.

But can he accept her as she is, or does he want her to change? To adapt? To become the proper, dress-wearing hostess of his dreams? And when the villain stalking Charlie comes to town, will the danger bring them together or tear them apart forever?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is Charlotte’s (Charlie) story and if you read Rebecca then you know all about her. Charlotte is Rebecca’s sister who at the age of seventeen was thrown out of her house by her drunk father and in order to find work she had to wear pants something she still does till this day only now she also wears guns.

While riding her horse into town she saw a man who was apparently lost and she offered her assistance for one dollar, a dollar she used to buy all the kids in town candy. She knew immediately who this man was when he told her his name, Travis MacGregor a Philadelphia lawyer known for buying out companies and leaving the employees out in the cold. She took an immediate dislike to him even while at the same time she was attracted to him. It seems that
Travis is an old friend of Ian her brother-in-law and was heading to his home, a home he had no idea she also lived in.

Travis is relocating and is staying with Ian and the family until he opens a new office, he has also brought along his assistant, Lois who everyone took an immediate dislike to but they have no choice but to allow her to stay in the house until she finds another place to live. Travis is very taken with Charlie and makes no secret of it especially when he asks if he can court her. Charlie will give her answer after she takes him fishing only that fishing trip would put an end to the courting because they are forced to remain together in a shack due to a lighting storm and by doing that their reputations would be ruined so no courting just instant marriage.

Although they didn’t plan on marrying right away they probably would have ended up that way down the road. They are ready to make a go of their marriage except for a jealous dangerous woman who wants Travis and wants Charlie gone, the woman is Lois who has convinced herself that she and Travis would one day be together and with Charlie gone that could still happen.

I loved this book but then again I have loved every one of Ms. Woolf’s books and although they do not have to be read in order I highly recommend doing so because each story is beautiful and full of wonderful characters. Of course the road to happily ever after is a bumpy ride especially when someone wants you dead.