Child of the Dark World Book Cover Child of the Dark World
Dark - book 2
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
December 14, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

It has been over two years since Drexl von Dorff died by lightening. He had brought all manner of horrors into the life of Lisa Chambers including rape. Now Lisa’s son Robbie is two years old and although Daniel Walker the man who has loved her since he first saw her is fighting to get her. Unfortunately, Drex did a number on her and she is afraid. Robbie has been pronounced as Autistic and in her screwed up mind she decides to run. Her fear is that Robbie will be like his father Drex, a monster.

With Robbi and her cat Timothy Lisa finds herself in a motel and she is convinced that if Dan truly loves her he will find her. Of course she has managed to find an out of the way place. She decides to stay there and finds a job as a Library Assistant to Dr. Engelhardt at the Arkham Miskatonic University. Robbi speaks little English but manages to speak in what Lisa thinks is gibberish. What Lisa never realized is that her son has seen the Old Ones, the very ones that are trying to reach the surface and he has heard their speech over and over. At some point he forgot most of his own language.

Lisa is afraid for herself and her son and wonders if running away from the man she loves was a wise move. She likes her new job, a job she actually studied for in college and the new friend she made at her apartment complex who willingly watches over Robbie while she works. The only thing missing is Dan. How is he supposed to find her when she made her aunt promise not to reveal anything to him, when she isn’t using any charge cards or cell phone so he has little to go on. Luckily for Lisa, Dan’s love is stronger than she could have imagined and he finds her. She knows as soon as she sees him that she wants marriage and family and he never expected it to be that easy. Apparently, time away made her feelings stronger than he could have imagined.

Now she has an ally in fighting the monsters that want to use her son. She knows Drex is dead but somehow his ghost is still around and visiting her and her son. Robbie is told by his father that Dan is bad and has to go. It is Robbie’s job to get rid of the man who is standing in the Old Ones’s way. Robbie is the doorway to letting them in. Lisa and Dan go to the Professor for help since he seems very knowledgeable about Drex’s cult and the Old One’s. Is he the answer to their prayers?

There are surprises, secrets and betrayal. Lisa and Dan are wonderful characters you can’t help but root for. At times I found the book to be slow moving and that was why it didn’t get five stars. Remember ME, MYSELF AND I found it slow moving meaning I speak only for myself and what I find slow moving you might love.