Chocolates From a Vampire Book Cover Chocolates From a Vampire
Misfits & Rogues Series, Book 3
Kimberly Forrest
Paranormal, Romance, Vampires, Witches, Wizards
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July 25, 2019

A collision of fire and ice.

In the world of the supernatural, there were none more powerful than the Born, pure-blooded vampires, beautiful, wealthy, powerful, and cruel. They were at the top of the food chain for a reason and were governed by only one rule: never turn a witch. But when Greenlawn's resident magic wielder and pyrokinetic is mortally wounded in a skirmish with vampire hunters, Thane Stroud cannot stand back and let her die. The woman had fascinated him since the moment he'd first laid eyes on her and he'd be damned if she'd slip away from him in death before he figured out why.

Margot Elrich had felt like a freak her entire life. After all, shooting flames from the palms of your hands isn't exactly normal. She'd finally found some peace alongside the supernatural misfits and rogues at Greenlawn Hall and now she had to figure out how to be a vampire too. Bright side? What better way to learn than letting the mouth-wateringly sexy, Thane Stroud tutor her.
As passion erupts between student and teacher, will her fiery touch melt the ice around the cold vampire’s heart or will her burgeoning powers burn them both to ash?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the third book in an amazing series and it is a series that should be read in order since the characters appear in all the books and although the author does try to update the reader on what occurred previously it is nowhere near as good as reading it from the start. The books do not include cliffhangers but to really understand the characters you should start with book one, Tea with Monsters which I have no doubt you will love and like me be anxious to continue the series, of course at this time I have read all the books and now I am hungry for the next one.

If you have read the series from the start than you are very familiar with Thane Stroud, a Born and Margot Elrich a resident of Greenlawn Hall. Margot is a witch wielder and a pyrokinetic and has always been a loner. After running away, Vivian the resident vampire and egotistical former movie star has returned home to marry Jules Kincaid the immortal werewolf and Margot like the rest of the residents are worried because she is being followed. The people following her are vampire hunters and they manage to spoil the fun evening everyone was expecting to have. Margot was determined to stop the attack and she was kicking butt until one of the men got in a killing shot.

With the attackers laying unconscious everyone runs to Margot’s aid but it appears that a stake through the back was killing her and only one person could keep her alive. Thane was called and came running and although his relationship or lack of one with Margot and the fact that he knew it was forbidden to save a wielder he would do it without question because there was always something about her that intrigued him and he refused to allow her to die. Now in addition to worrying about what punishment he will face if the Elders ever discover what he did he also has to contend with a new vampire turned without her knowledge and who has the ability to burn down his home and everyone in it.

Margot is not thrilled when she discovers that she is now a vampire and when she first attempts to drink from a man’s wrist her inability to control her fire leaves him burned. Margot has to learn to be a vampire while controlling her ability to use fire. She has lived with the knowledge that she was responsible for her own parents death by a fire she caused and now more than ever she must learn control when feeding.

Thane wants to win Margot over and all he can come up with is chocolate. The first box of chocolate he sends her gets her running back to him to apologize for things she said and for burning his employee. Who would ever imagine that a box of chocolates would have an impact on a magic wielder/vampire; and who would ever imagine that a Born with the reputation of being a monster would ever send one?

I am not going to go into too much about the book for fear of giving anything away, but I will say that any lover of paranormal romance would love this book and if you are now reading this book after reading the first two you no doubt agree with me. There is betrayal, violence, surprises, shifters, vampires, magic wielders and even an angel. What happens between Margot, Thane and the Elders? Well if you are new to this series or a fan of this series I won’t reveal anything more. Now that I have finished this book, I have the unhappy waiting period for book four. So I beg Ms. Forrest to stop whatever she is doing and go immediately to her computer, typewriter or writing pad and start writing book four, pretty please with a cherry on top. LOL