Claiming the Evil Dead Book Cover Claiming the Evil Dead
Soul Catcher Book 1
Mary Abshire
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Evernight Publishing
December 28, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jessie Garrett is no ordinary woman, she is half human and half demon. She is an office worker by day and a paranormal investigator by night. She lives with her best friend, Dani Rossler, who has no idea what Jessie really is.

Jessie’s ability is being a soul-catcher. She takes a soul into her mouth and sends it directly to Hell. When a vampire, Drake, comes to her requesting her help, she has no idea what changes this simple request will have on her life. A vampire, Alexander, is killing young children and has been killing for centuries. He has taken the lives of at least one thousand innocent people including women and children. Now his preference is young children under the age of fourteen. His offer is the sum of $50,000 for a week’s worth of work in Chicago. He needs Jessie to send his soul to Hell.

Drake works for a network of other vampires called VETOV, Vampires for the Ethical Treatment of Other Vampires. Like most political groups, it took then almost a century to decide that Alexander has to be destroyed. Now working together, Jessie and Drake have to find the monster, kill him and have Jessie send him directly to Hell. Both Drake and Alexander are centuries old and probably equal in strength, but he still will not be easy to catch and destroy.

A month before Jessie’s thirteenth birthday, her mother took her to a cafe where she met a friend of her mom’s. After introducing Jessie to Sean, a Warlock, she left the cafe and threw herself in front of traffic. Jessie never knew the reason for her mother’s suicide and knows she has the devil’s blood flowing in her veins. It was by accident that she found out she was a soul-catcher when she swallowed a soul. Now she is determined to find and end Alexander’s life.

While in Chicago, Jessie’s feelings begin to grow for Drake but the idea of a demon and a vampire is totally alien to her. She sees vampires as blood sucking monsters, only she apparently jumped to conclusions because Drake is anything but. He tries to protect humans and vampires whenever necessary. More and more, she is getting comfortable with the idea of her and Drake—that is until Jeremy a full blooded demon comes on the scene. Jessie asks for his help in finding Alexander, something he is more than willing to do, as long as she is willing to pay him. Payment is a date and one date leads to another. Jeremy wants Jessie but who does Jessie want?

This was a wonderful story with amazing characters. I loved Drake and Jeremy and enjoyed watching while Jessie did what she does so well, kick evil butt. This book has sex, violence and suspense. I look forward to the next book in the series.