Clashing Tempest Book Cover Clashing Tempest
Men of Myth - Book 3
Brandon Witt
M/M Paranormal
Dreamspinner Press
December 9, 2013

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

So I read he first book in this series and was hooked! Brandon Witt had a story to tell and I could “feel it. “ There was no mistaking how far it needed to go I would follow….I breezed through the second book, getting to feel where this author was taking us…   THE EPIC SHOWDOWN…..And he nailed it!!!

We follow the characters, from Book One: Submerging Inferno, Brett, Sonia, Finn  and his family to all come together for the third story Clashing Tempest. We certainly have been led slowly with this wonderful author to feed us bits and pieces until this final drama ridden, gripping adventure. How these three have grown, come into there own as fate bestowed upon them this chance.

Finns’s family had originally kept their heads buried for safety and the effects it caused….Sonia an innocent became the trigger for something bigger, and Brett who was even ‘more’ than anyone could suspect all were able to be a catalyst for good.

Brandon you story was enchanting, and beautiful, and let me see what ‘under the sea’ truly means. I hope you have plans for another adventure…..There seems to be more to tell….. and when you do …please tell me…. I want to take that ride with you…