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Stallion Ridge, Book 2
Maz Maddox
LGBT, Fantasy, Wester, Gay Fiction, Shifter
NV Productions, Independently Published
October 1, 2018

Cooper Woodlock is a man who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Between his gambling debt and being a widowed father, he can never seem to get Lady Luck back on his side.

Desperate for a winning hand, Cooper starts hitting saloons and tempting fate in order to keep the bloodthirsty Spades at bay.

When a black-clad gunslinger enters the game promising a slice of freedom, Cooper realizes all too late what he is actually playing for.

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Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I liked this book even better than the first!  With recurring characters, even though this book is focusing on a new couple, it is probable best read in series. The background established in the first book is referenced in this one, and elements of other continuing storylines are carried through as well.

This installment focuses on Jesse’s brother Cooper Woodlock and Stallion Ridge’s own deputy, Gunner. Maddox continues the unique blend of old West style and unusual shifters, throwing a few really great twists into the storyline! My favorite part of this book was Cooper’s absolute spitfire of a daughter, Marybell. I love that through her interactions with Gunner, you get to see another side of the gruff guy. This is a great story for the series and makes me very happy I added it to my collection.