The Colors Of My Life Book Cover The Colors Of My Life
Linda Burson
Class Act Books
May 14, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Caylie Lyon and her husband, Nolan, are in a bank when four men enter wearing masks. The year before, Caylie found herself in a similar situation while shopping at a grocery store. When some of the customers tried to stop the robber, chaos ensued leaving many dead. Caylie’s fear is that this robbery could end up like the last one with people trying to intervene and causing the robbers to shoot.

When the robbers were about to exit the bank, one of them insisted on taking a hostage and the one he picked was a young women with her young children hanging on to her and her husband begging them to take him instead. The leader insisted that they didn’t need a hostage, but Caylie could see tension mounting and she offered herself instead. She knew that the young mother wouldn’t stand a chance and being she was fifty-two, she could possibly avoid the inevitable rape she was sure was going to happen.

In the car, Caylie learns that the man who led her out of the bank and who did not want to take a hostage was Cole Sorenson. He seemed to be a man she could hopefully reason with and she begged him not to let the others hurt her. There was no doubt in her mind that the man who wanted a hostage, Russ, would be nothing but trouble. Cole kept his word and kept her in his room where he made sure that none of the others could hurt her. Caylie wound up spending months with these men and especially with Cole. They shared their life stories with each other and they became very close.

Cole owned a successful contracting business which was ruined because of a corrupt competitive contracting firm. When he finally had to close the doors to his business he and the other four who worked for him went to work for the only contracting company that would have them, the one that destroyed his business. Unfortunately, working for that company caused the death of Cole’s last remaining relative, his brother Doug. Cole found out that it was not an accident, but murder. He would gone to the police except for the fact that the only witness, Nick, was threatened so Cole left and along with the other men for whom he felt responsible, robbed a bank.

Caylie was married to her husband for twenty-eight years. She loved him, but she had no passion in her life and that was what Cole gave her. According to Caylie, Nolan was light blue and Cole was bright yellow with red and orange highlights. I could go on and on about what happened, but to make a long story short, the next bank robbery resulted in Cole being captured, and Russ and another man being killed. Caylie’s testimony got Cole only five years instead of life for kidnapping.

Cole and Caylie get back together when he is released from prison almost three years later. Cole is determined to bring his brother’s killer to justice. Caylie finds herself in danger, but who the danger is coming from should be from the company Cole is after, but is it?

This story is full of surprises and it is a beautiful love story proving that even after being married for years you are never too old to want passion. Caylie and Nolan’s marriage was more of a friendship and Caylie needed more but did she get it! I loved the characters and the storyline and I am sure you will too.