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F.E. Feeley Jr., Jamie Fessenden, Kim Fielding, B.G. Thomas
MM Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror
Dreamspinner Press
October 24, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

The Newest Sci-fi / Horror Anthology from Dreamspinner Press features four authors. The only author I was familiar with and read frequently is Fred Feeley Jr. So when I saw Mr. Feeley was involved in this book I jumped at this read.  I admit I did read his story first, knowing what I was getting. Then read the stories of other three authors, who are all new to me (hopefully not any longer)  and I will review the  three wonderful stories next.

Being a child of the 50’s, The Shadow on radio is my first intro to scary. Captain Video and his space ship was next, followed by Rod Serling and Twilight Zone was the bomb. The Thing was my first intro to 50’s scary movies. I always looked towards the stars, space travel and body snatcher movies. So reading these four stories gave me everything I could ever want!


MY FINAL BLOG; F.E. Feeley Jr.   5*****Stars

Outstanding story of the power of the internet. Most Millennials are the children of computer generation. I myself (much older) look for it to give me news, arts, and communication with many people I would have never met before. Blogs have subsequently appeared, where people read the Bloggers personal life and comments are made, friendships made. You get to ‘know’ these people by their handle, sign on names. George has a Blog and Universal 47 has been there with him since inception; always there while others came and went. Mr. Feeley has taken us to a friendship that has continued on the computer screen, for years, with George baring his soul to his friend. Universal 47 finally sharing that his name is Elijah. The window has opened, follow this amazing tale. Breathtaking!!!


ABDUCTED- Jamie Fessenden 5*****Stars

Abducted is the first story in this book, and it shows why this was chosen to open this anthology. I have not read any stories written by this author, and I am ashamed to say it, but this will be soon corrected. Spaceships and alien abductions have been on covers of the supermarket newspapers and magazines for years. Do you believe this, could any of these things have happened? Mr. Fessenden takes that concept and runs with it, beginning with Cody and his friend Marc and a farm house way out of town. Come join them IF YOU DARE!!  I was truly wrapped up in the adventure. I loved it!!


REFUGEE- Kim Fielding 5*****Stars

This addition by Kim Fielding, Refugee, caught me by surprise. Unlike the age of computers, life after WWII was different. There was hope in the air, a war was over, America was growing, and television would be the biggie. When Walter Clarke came home to Chicago, he needed something more like all soldiers who had seen the horrors of life. Taking himself on a trip out west to get a job and relocate he found himself finding a small town/ hamlet population 178 called Kiteeshaa, Oregon. He drives into town driving his sputtering 1937 old relic. Our author had me hearing the music of Twilight Zone with Rod Serling announcing Walter’s entrance to town. He first meets Martin Wright, proprietor of the local Motor Court Inn. Hungry, he spies a sign that reads Café. Martin advises to ask Dorothy for the special. Walter is enchanted that the food was what his grandmother used to make. Bring in the eerie music. Walter is looking for something maybe this town offers, and Martin has some ideas too. An excellent story.

UNUSUAL ATTENTION- B.G. Thomas 5*****Stars

Last but not least, B.G. Thomas an also new to me author has written the grande finale for this book. Shane and Adam meet quite casually at Pride celebration. The connection was immediate. Adam had thought he would always be alone. He could never get close to anyone, he hated smokers and baseball, and Shane loved both. How could they be good together? They even lived 3 hours apart, yet for the last 6 weekends Shane traveled the distance. It was that last weekend, traveling home, Shane alone on a dark road, a bright light. He called Adam like always when he got home and heard a hysterical boyfriend on the other end of the line asking where he had been.  He had lost hours of time that he couldn’t account for…Cue the music and read this wonderful story.

I must also add, Dreamspinner has Gothika 1, 2, 3 and 4 for those like me who haven’t read them…Just Sayin’