Criss Cross Book Cover Criss Cross
PsyCop Book 2
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Paranormal
JCP Books
October 18, 2009

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I just read and reviewed my first Jordan Castillo Price book last month. Here I am jumping into the series, reviewing #2 Criss Cross today.   This is a wonderful, original premise you will not want to miss. Ms Price has shaped this series to go on forever if her fans have their say, and I can hardly blame them. Our author gives us a storyline with all mainstream police departments having teams of PsyCops on their force.

Our hero who is a 5th level psychic, Victor Bayne, who has lost his partner to retirement in Book #1.   Tall, dark, handsome, and sexy as hell, we have met Jacob, a member of another PsyCops team. Jacob made it his business to seduce Vic in the bathroom at the retirement party.  It was lust at first site, and I don’t see the relationship cooling off any time soon.

In this second story, we meet Roger the new ‘stiff’ replacement and Vic’s new partner.  The term stiff is the second of the team who does not have the ‘extra abilities’.  Our Victor can see and talk to ghosts, helping the department solve crimes. The ghosts can tell Vic what happened or sometimes even more than what he wants to know. They also can be witnesses if they were in the right place to have seen a crime.

We learned Vic has faced some horrors until he joined the squad. He uses any kind of medications and mixtures to help him through the day. He needs this now more than ever, because somehow ghosts are trying to get closer and closer to him, literally. He is told by the new Doc at the special clinic he goes to that his liver is being affected by the meds.

This is all I can say, or will spoil it for you. I must admit I find the other surrounding characters wonderful. A Psy who cannot tell a lie, another, who if asked questions can only answer yes or no. This is fabulous fun! The scenes between the sheets with Vic and Jacob, hmmm, are very, very hot as well. I will probably check in with you soon on the Third book. Stay tuned.