Crossing Keys: Revelation Book Cover Crossing Keys: Revelation
Elvenrude Book 2
Ally Shields
Paranormal Romance
Etopia Press
August 5, 2015

If everyone keeps secrets, no one will survive...

Six months after the nightmare in Cross Keys, Kam Ryndel is enjoying her freedom in New Orleans and doesn't miss the constraints of Elven society. She's immersed herself in working missions for the CIA, even if it means less time to spend with her boyfriend, Seth. Seth's not so happy about that. Having shouldered the responsibility of his family's obligations, he's losing patience with Kam's lack of commitment to her own—and to him.

Then a guild worker is attacked by an invisible assailant, and everyone suspects another portal breach by rogues from Elvenrude. As Kam and Seth look for answers, a gang-related CIA mission interrupts the investigation, and Kam is taken to a place she never knew existed—beyond the Louisiana bayou.

Angered by Kam's new mission, Seth enlists the help of his cousin Rhyden to solve the mysterious guild-worker attack. Instead of an assailant, they discover reports of ghost sightings all over town. Not that unusual for New Orleans, but these seem…different. In a mission complicated by gangsters, feuds, failing magic, and old enemies—and the uncertain loyalty of the Elven king—Seth learns something even worse. Kam is missing. And he isn't sure if she's alive or dead…

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I did not read book one in this series, but the author did a wonderful job of updating what happened previously. Kam is doing more and more missions for Crain the Sr. CIA Agent and it is causing problems between her and Seth. Seth feels she is doing more for the CIA than her own responsibilities to the Guilds.

Crain uses Kam because with her ability to cloak herself and her increased abilities she is the perfect spy. Seth is worried that she is becoming obsessed and is neglecting him and the Guilds. The two are becoming more and more distant, and when problems arise with the Guild security, Seth needs her focus where it belongs. Someone is trying to gain access to the Guild. One guard is attacked. The problem is there is no visible evidence as to who or what it is. The cameras show nothing and the guard who was attacked said he felt the attack, but did not see anyone.

Is it possible there is another group of elves with the ability to become invisible? If there is, what is their purpose? The only possibility is Moon elves, those who were the ruling class during the golden days on earth. They were believed to be extinct since they were abolished and the darkkin created their own place in Elvenrude. If they are back, it could only mean trouble. They would be a larger threat than humans.

When Kam goes to follow a trail into the swamps, she is taken prisoner by the Prince of Cyrilia, Trystan. Cyrilia is now the residence of the Moon elves, but it is a devastating place, no sun, gray sky, no flowers, or crops growing and no sound of nature, birds, bugs or animals. It seems the Cyrilians have had an enormous decline in their magic after using it for centuries, instead of doing things on their own. Now Trystan is trying to find a way to save his people and Cyrilia. His belief is that if he takes prisoners from the darkkin, they will do the work necessary to replenish his land. Kam appears to be the first, but they don’t know she has the ability to become invisible and she uses it to escape.

Unawares of where the Cyrilian portal is, she roams around aimlessly trying to find it when she meets a young woman named Bria. Bria takes Kam to her home and gives her the information she needs about the portal. The only thing missing is the code. Without Bria, Kam would likely never see New Orleans, Seth, or Elvenrude again. Bria gets the code with the promise that Kam will take her back. Once back trouble erupts. Drug gangs are being attacked and they are being attacked with bows and arrows. Could the Cyrilians be responsible and if so why? Is Trystan aware of what is going on or does he have a rebellion on his hands?

I have been a fan of Ms. Shields, but unfortunately, this book was definitely not one of my favorites. The book moved slowly and took too long to get to the point. My review should in no way dissuade a reader from picking up her other books because they were wonderful.