Cross Keys: Unity Book Cover Cross Keys: Unity
Elvenrude Book 3
Ally Shields
Etopia Press
December 22, 2015

A race to the edge of annihilation...

Despite an ongoing rebellion in their Elven homeland, Kam and Seth have scheduled their long-awaited promise ceremony for the night of the Winter Solstice. After a deadly explosion in New Orleans has left the fate of criminal Jermon Lormarc uncertain, the rebellion quickly escalates into kidnappings and arson, and the widespread theft of ancient human artifacts forces the Elven king to reveal secrets kept for thousands of years.

When a spirit woman predicts a catastrophic end to Jermon's quest for artifacts, Kam, Seth, and Prince Trystan of Cyrilia set out on a worldwide hunt to stop him. Back in Elvenrude, Kam's sister Esty and Seth's cousin Rhyden, having recently ended their relationship, track the rebels while fighting an attraction that won't be ignored.

Everything is on the line. No one can hold back. The future...or nothing...awaits...

Reviewed by: Adele Weitzel 

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Kam and Seth are upper class elves, working for the palace.They are planning to announce their engagement while at the same time going about their daily jobs of keeping the kingdom of Elvenrude safe. Magic and romance are part of their lives.

Elvenrude is undergoing civil unrest with the working class consisting of cross breeds called the Duchaen, seeking better treatment and equality. Some of the Duchaen are being fomented into violence by a criminal named Jermon, who was from the upper class but became a criminal. At the same time another rogue leader named Trevain is seeking equality for the Duchaen, but in a peaceful manner. A game of cops and robbers ensues using magical portals to earth and ancient artifacts. In the midst of all this turmoil Kams sister Esty is having her own problems with her romantic interest Rhydon.

Magic, fairies, elves, romance, adventure and a quest make this a book that takes you to another world. Oh, I forgot to mention that in addition to Elvenrude and earth, there is the magical kingdom of Cyrilia, inhabited by moonelves.

This is book three of the Elvenrude series, but I haven’t read the other two and had no trouble following the twists and turns of plots within plots in this book.