Crossroads of Fate Book Cover Crossroads of Fate
Alice Washington
Reverse Harem
August 4th 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Claire is a girl who has lost her self-esteem ever since her boyfriend dumped her for another woman. She spends her time studying, with the hope of getting into Harvard. One night her roommate Michelle, a famous and rich girl, finally gets her to agree to attend a party. After shopping for a new dress, she hears a noise in an alley nearby and sees a man being attacked so instead of calling for help she goes running into the alley to help. What she gets is a bullet in the head, the thigh and the shoulder.

When she wakes up in her bed, not bleeding, and with no apparent injuries she is certain that the incident was all a hallucination, but when she attends the party and sees Tom Lane upon who she has had a crush, she soon learns the truth of the alley incident. The man she saved was Tom and the man who shot her was a Dark Wizard. Tom along with his friends, Jack, George, Ryan and Ari are all Wizards. When Tom saw her lying dead he used a resurrection powder that brought her back to life. This is the powder the Dark Wizard was after; now she is a witch whose life is in danger.

Tom and all the guys are determined to save Claire and help her learn about her new magical abilities. She is in danger because now she is a Human Born witch and because the guys used their magic to aid a human. She is also in danger from the Dark Wizards who want her dead.

This was a difficult review for me to do because as much as the story sounded like it would be great, it was anything but. The story was all over the place and confusing at times. The editing was so bad that the author did herself an injustice by not making sure an editor read it before publishing it. If this book was redone and edited properly I think it would be very good but the way it is now it isn’t.