Crucial Lessons Book Cover Crucial Lessons
Brothers Lafon
Joseph Lance Tonlet
MM Dark Drama/Erotic
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
February 17, 2015

Review by GloriaLakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I was lent a copy of this book by a friend, after seeing that I had just finished reading and reviewing Grif’s Toy and Wes’ Denial written by the same author. I have already learned after reading his first two, Joseph Lance Tonlet has no filter. A story written by him may shock you, it may bring out the best and the worst in people; but he never holds back and that is refreshing to a reader.

If you go out of your comfort level to read one of his stories, you must sit back after you finish one of his books to contemplate how it made you feel, and did it change your beliefs. After finishing the Grif and Wes series, I found while reading the whole Dom and Sub relationship, I started seeing my beliefs in this lifestyle change.

In Crucial Lessons I find my newfound beliefs still hold. First let me explain this first volume of the Brothers LaFon. Jeremiah and Alexander are brothers living in a trailer with their Dad who was actually never around. Alexander has been at the mercy of his older brother for most of his life. Jeremiah is filled with hate and cruelty and tortures and threatens Alexander beating, cutting and threatening him. Reading this, you hate him and are so glad when Alexander finally breaks free and runs.

So Alexander, having to return back to town after years away, gave me the willies. After meeting with his older brother alone, made my skin crawl… Miah telling Alexander, who had now followed his dreams and is a teacher, that Miah has set him up with pictures. Pictures of Alexander with a minor female and then glossy’s of her dead body; to which a murder could be pinned to Alexander.

It’s here Jeremiah starts telling Alexander how he has searched for years, with others to ‘feel’. That he has missed how being with his brother in charge in all ways, he has never achieved. This again started my mind working as it had with Grif and Wes. I am not comparing Wes to Jeremiah but as a dominant ‘who has the power?’ And maybe just maybe our author is telling me again it is not the Dom but the subservience of the sub that does it.

An emotional short novella that opens so many feelings. I cannot say enough about JLT’s writing.