Cruel Candy Book Cover Cruel Candy
Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book 1
Mildred Abbott
December 3, 2017

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

With a note to self to check this out…..I was pleasantly surprised to wonder, why haven’t I read a Cozy Mystery in a long time? Maybe it’s the time of year, maybe it’s my need to curl up and take time for me…..but certainly it is the right time for Cruel Candy.

The scene is set in Estes Park, a small town, where everyone knows everyone and ‘mostly’ everything about each other. Today is the day that a new resident arrives, wanting to shed her old life,  putting her hurts and failures behind;  to  start anew.

We meet Winifred (Fred) Page and her adorable Corgi Watson entering town and giving the reader a good look at the downtown panoramic view. Fred’s mother and step-dad own quite a few properties downtown and Fred is the recipient of the now closed  eads or Tails Taxidermy shop, sandwiched between Healthy Delights and Sinful Bites owned by two sisters.

To Winifred and Watson’s surprise, they discover a dead body on the second floor of her new property… The deceased is the shop owner of Sinful Bites. Annnnd her we go!! Winifred’s father was a police investigator, and she is compelled to take her Corgia nd start snooping.

The author introduces us to more of a cast, a sexy police officer, a sexy young game warden who we might find in the next stories fighting over our attractive detective extroidinarre …Good first story……