Cupid's Ax Book Cover Cupid's Ax
K.A. Masters
LGBT, Novella, Gay Fantasy Romance
September 2, 2020

Sequel to Not an Angel, But a Cupid

A traumatic event in his childhood keeps Tuxtax from being able to shift into his were-griffin form. Ashamed of his looks and terrified of rejection, he spends his life in seclusion, with his sister Eleuthereia and centaur friend Rixa as his only connections to the outside world. Even though Tuxtax yearns to be with the elfin soulmate he had met before the accident, the vanth’s insecurity and self-doubt keep him from reaching out.

But now Rixa needs his help. Tuxtax joins his friend on a desperate rescue mission to save the centaur’s pregnant soulmate, hoping that the quest will give him a chance to overcome his insecurities and prove himself. Their rescue mission leads him back into the land of the elves, where Tuxtax must confront his past and the fears that are holding him back.

The further Tuxtax travels, the louder he hears his soulmate’s call. Can Tuxtax find the courage he needs to return to his soulmate and reclaim the man of his dreams?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the sequel to Not an Angel But a Cupid and we finally get to finish Alec and Tuxtax’ story.

This was a short story but filled with violence, romance and some very gruesome and sad occurrences. Tuxtax (Tax) has missed his soulmate Alec and has been unable to shift into his were-griffin form so he has taken to hiding out in his home so that no one can see him. Unfortunately his friend Rixa, a centaur is found badly injured and Tax with his sister Eleutheria’s help mend him only to discover that his mate Rhea has been taken by humans and she is pregnant.

Putting aside his embarrassment and shame at his looks, Tax is determined to help Rixa find Rhea and their unborn child before it is too late. I will not discuss what happened in their search or what happens to everyone involved but it was not without a feeling of disbelief.

Will Alec and Tax finally be united? Will Tax finally realize why Alec could not come to him? Will Rixa find Rhea and his child and will Eleutheria find her soulmate who Tax knows is out there waiting for her?

I would definitely read book one first and then this book will make everything clear.