Daemon Deception Book Cover Daemon Deception
Daemon #2
Mariah Ankenman
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
March 5, 2018

As a witch, and one of the smartest scientists around, Celia’s job is to help the Enforcers defeat evil. Her latest task is to decipher the new language of the Kakodaemons. It should be easy, but she finds it nearly impossible with the demanding, frustratingly attractive council head breathing down her neck.

Euadaemon Damien has been called tough, but he’s tasked with protecting the innocent and war is brewing. He recruits Celia Dahl. Though he needs her brain, he finds much more about the sexy woman appealing.

As they work together, they find themselves engaged in more than just a working relationship. But even those closest can hide dark deceptions. Celia and Damien discover sacrifices must be made if there is hope for humanity and love.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Celia Dahl is the Scientist in charge of the lab at Region 7 Council headed by Racine, she is also a witch but being a witch has taken second place to science. She is a master in languages and has been able to translate some of the Kakos’ language but if she can decipher the language entirely it would enable the Enforcers to be able to know what the Kako daemons are talking about. The Region 8 Council led by Damien a Euadaemon has managed to obtain recordings of the Kako language and Racine has sent Celia there to translate them.

Damien is a man who has to be in control and patience is not one of his strong suits so when he constantly asks Celia if she has had any luck with the translations all he manages to do is aggravate her. In spite of her constant irritation another part of her is totally drawn to him and he is the only one she has been able to allow to touch her and feel safe. She avoids physical contact which is a result of horrendous treatment she received at the hands of a woman who should have loved her. What she suffered was heartbreaking and not something I will reveal.

Frustrated with her lack of progress she is further hurt and disappointed when she discovers that the mole in Region 7 was her assistant Cody who she hired, trained and trusted. Now she carries the guilt of anyone who was hurt because of information Cody had access to. Now more than ever translating the Kako language is imperative, there is a Head Master teaching the Kakos how to take souls without going mad in the process leaving hundreds of humans no more than drones.

We learned all about the drones when Tabitha’s sister Krista woke up from a ten year coma. Unfortunately it was not a coma as much as a deep sleep where she was able to feel everything going on around her especially the horrors that the Kako controlling her soul performed. Celia is a gently soul and the mere fact that hundreds of innocent humans are suffering leaves her feeling nothing but guilt for not being able to find a translation.

Of course Damien and Celia begin to have deep feelings for each other and he is the only person she reveals about her childhood. When she is with Damien she feels safe a feeling she doesn’t normally have. In time the truth about why she can’t translate the language comes to light and that truth results in danger for Celia because it is something that could lead the Head Master right to her.

This is a powerful story filled with sex, betrayal, surprises and a fight to destroy evil before all is lost. Damien and Celia have to work together to find a way to fight the Kakos and find out who the Head Master is, their future together and the future of humanity rests on what they can find.