Daemon Uprising Book Cover Daemon Uprising
Daemon #1
Mariah Ankenman
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
March 17, 2017

The world of the supernatural is real and living among us, a fact Tabitha Culver knows all too well.

Ten years ago, evil supernatural creatures she never thought existed attacked Tabitha. Now, she works for the Supernatural Council to defend humanity against the malevolent forces unknowingly hunting them. A new darkness has risen up in the form of Kakodaemons.

Tabitha, a by-the-books straight arrow is teamed up with the Euadaemon Kiernan, a bend-the-rules, sexy bad boy. With Tabitha and Kiernan the sparks fly, sometimes literally! To take down the bad guys, they have to put their differences aside and work together. However, a dark secret and sizzling attraction could prove to be distractions they can’t afford. Tabitha must learn to trust her partner, and her heart, in order to eliminate this new threat to humanity.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Tabitha Culver is an Enforcer for the Region Seven Council whose purpose is to eliminate any evil non-human who threatens the innocent. It was ten years ago when Tabitha and her younger sister Krista were attacked by a Kakodaemon leaving her sister in a coma ever since. They were saved by Racine the head of the council and when he offered her a chance to fight against evil by joining the council she readily agreed.

Tabitha is totally dedicated to wiping out evil and takes her job very seriously unlike her new partner Kiernan a Euadaemon who doesn’t hesitate to bend the rules. For ten years she has fought against her feelings for Kiernan and now that they are partnered together she has to fight the new danger the Enforcers are facing and being in close proximity with a man that both irritates her and fascinates her.

Both Tabitha and Kiernan have secrets relating to their pasts each having suffered at the hands of their fathers. Like Tabitha Kiernan was also saved by Racine but Tabitha’s biggest secret is one she is keeping from everyone. If it were discovered what Tabitha really is it could lead to her imprisonment or death so even Racine who she looks to as a surrogate father is in the dark. Now Tabitha (Tabby Cat) to Kiernan has to find Stryden (The Dark One) a Kako who has managed to gather recruits to fight by his side something unheard of. Kako’s are loners who once they take a human soul turn mad but that is not the case now. Somehow Stryden has managed to enlist other Kako’s and none of them have fallen into madness. If this continues there will not be enough Enforcers to fight them and there would be no help for humankind.

When a Kako takes a human soul they become very powerful but the madness and their travelling alone usually makes it easy to kill them but now that is not the case. They must find Stryden and find out how they have managed to keep from going mad and stop it. Unfortunately for Tabitha being with Kiernan nightly searching for Stryden has made it very difficult to keep her feelings bottled up. Kiernan has no problem with his feelings for Tabitha because for ten years he has wanted her, now he has to convince her that she wants him too.

The relationship between Kiernan and Tabitha is wonderful and the book is full of surprises and secrets. I look forward to the next book in the series which I will start reading as soon as I end this review.