Damaged Goods Book Cover Damaged Goods
Men of London Book 7
Susan Mac Nicol
M/M Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
April 28, 2016

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Trapped in my home during Florida’s Hurricane Irma; Sept 2017, I have been a captive audience in a need to ‘get away’. I think the three books I have read in these few days, have done right by me, taking me out of a nightmare, away from the fear and turmoil of IRMA.

We originally met young Jax in Feat of Clay, when Tate was introduced to the half- way house for abused children. Jackson the teenager was so beautiful and so maimed by his drunk step-brother. So, when I see the title Damaged Goods I had hoped our author would give us Jax’s story. If in fact it was, I hoped that Ms Mac Nicol would find the right young man to give our Jax love and peace. Wow……she did not miss the mark, introducing the ‘Candyman’ Dare to be the one!!!!

Jax and Dare came from totally opposite lifestyles. Jackson came from wealth, scarred and orphaned at a young age. Kildare came from a Traveller’s camp on the outskirts of the city, leaving the gypsy compound and finding a job in a Sweet Shoppe in the city. When Jax runs into Dare at their local mall he can’t believe the stunning, muscular young man could possibly be interested in him,

The story is poignant, and sweet. The bloom of young love, first love touches your heart. The joining of these two is slow and sensuous and sexy and hot. Jax is adorable wanting everything he has missed for eighteen and a half years to happen NOW.

Dare is patient, tender and a good man. They both have a chance to work through their issues as their relationship grows. It is all I would want for this beautiful boy. Great read!

I have read and have written review for Book #5, Cross to Bare and #6 Flying Solo and Jax’s so waited for story #7 Damaged Goods… Now I am starting to get scared……I Only have two more to read for this series and I will be left alone…….my men are happy yes…….But, what will I do without them Susan?????