Damned Book Cover Damned
A Magnus Blackwell Novel (Book 1)
Alexandrea Weis with Lucas Astor
Supernatural Suspense/Paranormal Romance
Vesuvian Books
October 3, 2017

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lexie Arden and her fiance Will Bennett are the new owners of Altmover Manor in Maine but they are going to find out that the house has a history and comes with the ghost of Magnus Blackwell and Jacob O’Connor.

Will fell in love with the house and wants to bring it back to it’s original glory but there is evil residing in the house and Lexie can feel it. She has the gift and can see and hear spirits something that her fiance Will refuses to accept. She can see Magnus and Jacob and is witness to the hatred between the two men. It was Magnus that killed Jacob’s wife Francis and it was Jacob who killed Magnus and his wife Katie. Complicating things even more is the handyman Remi Glapion who Will welcomes with open arms and who Lexie is leery of.

Remi is helping Will with repairs and Lexie is anxious to find out more about the house and Remi. Remi and Magnus keep telling her to find the cane, the cane with the dragon head and Lexie goes on the search for it. The cane has enormous power and Remi is just a pawn being used by a very powerful and evil person. Magnus and Jacob are bound to the house and the cane could be their way out.

The house is changing Will and Lexie believes it is the house that is responsible for those changes but a simple memento from her grandmother will return him to his natural self. As much as Will welcomes Remi’s help in doing the repairs he has no idea that Remi is working against him and only wants the cane. If destroying the house is the only way to get what he wants he is more than willing to do that.

I don’t want to go into too much detail as to what happens but what happens leads to New Orleans and to voodoo. Lexie’s gift is very strong and there are powers that be that want her gone and powers that be that want her powers to be used for good. Magnus’ past reveals what an evil man he was but has he changed? For some reason Lexie and Magnus are connected to one another but is that for good or bad?

This is the first book in the series but there is a prequel that I highly recommend reading first, “Blackwell” it is the whole story of Magnus and Jacob and it was an amazing book that I loved. This book was wonderful but it didn’t get five stars because it tended to get drawn out at times but I still look forward to more.