Dangerous Dreams Book Cover Dangerous Dreams
Obsidian Flame Book 1
J. C. McKenzie
Shifter Romance
March 1, 2018

What would you sacrifice to protect those you care for?

As a dragon shifter in hiding, Lara Stone wants nothing to do with others of her kind or finding a mate. No way, no how. She's perfectly content to work for a security company, masquerading as a simple mage.

When the leader of all the dragon clans personally requests her as a bodyguard, Lara fears her secret is blown, or worse. What danger could possibly make Rafael Dragoi, the powerful Astarot, seek protection?


Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lara Stone is a mage that works as a detective/bodyguard.  Rafael Dragoi is the Astarot-or Alpha-of the Dragon enclave and is being magically attacked.  When their paths meet, secrets long held by Lara are suddenly in danger of being revealed.  This is a very quick read, but it is jam-packed with heated flirting and some hysterical banter.  My favorite thing about this story, that I truly hope are included in the rest of the series, is Lara’s internal dialogue.  This book definitely set a fantastic tone, as well as establishing a great premise with some interesting characters all in less than 100 pages!  I am looking forward to reading more to see what happens, and to hear more of what goes on in Lara’s inner struggles.