Dangerous Liaisons Book Cover Dangerous Liaisons
Obsidian Flame Book 2
J. C. McKenzie
Shifter Romance
October 23, 2018

Dragon shifter in hiding, Lara Stone wants nothing to do with Rafael Dragoi, no matter how good he looks in and out of a suit. She plans to make enough money to disappear. Vicious attacks on dragons have increased and if Lara’s exposed as a lone shifter, she might become the next target. Her brain tells her to run, fast, but her heart tells her to melt in the heat of Raf’s gaze.

Dragon leader, Rafael Dragoi wants to protect his clan and find his mate who legends claim will break the curse looming over his family for generations. He should focus on destroying his enemies and finding his match, but he can’t get sassy Lara Stone out of his mind. Logic says he should let her run, for her safety and his sanity. Yet a chance meeting has him hooked on the scent of her skin all over again.


Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lara Stone is a dragon shifter in hiding.  She is also a mage that works as a bodyguard.  Rafael Dragoi is the Astarot-or Alpha-of the Dragon enclave.  He and Lara met when he hired her to protect him from a mysterious magic attack months ago.  Rafael is once again the target of attacks when they meet again.  They have to determine if the source of the attacks could be a curse, or could be the dreaded ispolini-a species dedicated to the eradication of dragons.  When Lara discovers the curse can be lifted by Rafael finding his mate, she is faced with keeping her secrets or facing fears she has held her whole life.

This book takes our pair of commitment phobic dragons, and forces them to face not only their fears, but each other.  The fun and snark that was a huge part of the first book, and frankly was my favorite part, is less evident in this one.  It kind of has to be though, as the pair is embroiled in much more action with outside forces.  We get introduced to more of the dragon leadership.  We also learn a lot more about the lives of Lara and Rafael before we met them in the first book.  This is truly a fun series.  There is fantastic action with HEAT between Lara and Rafael that will scorch your eyebrows.   It will be interesting to see what will happen next!