The Dark Huntsman: A Fantasy Romance of The Black Court Book Cover The Dark Huntsman: A Fantasy Romance of The Black Court
Tales of The Black Court Book 1
Jessica Aspen
Fantasy Romance
Abracadabra Publishing
October 1, 2013

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

For fifteen years Logan Ni Brennan has been living in a hole in a state of stasis.  Sentenced to the dungeons by the Queen of the Black Court for betraying her, he is now free.  His freedom is contingent upon his to Wyoming and killing the MacElvy witches. To stay free, that he is what is about to do.  He is the Huntsman. With his Puca, Solanum, and hounds, he goes seeking those he must destroy.

Twenty-two year old Trina MacElvy watches as her cousins and aunt leave for safety.  She remains determined to cast a spell that will protect what is left of her family.  What she didn’t figure on was Logan, the Huntsman coming. It isn’t long before she realizes her powers are no match for his.  Logan doesn’t kill Trina because he sees a possible way out of his servitude to the queen and a way to rescue the prince, Kian. Logan’s support for Kian caused his imprisonment, but he is still determined to find Kian and help him.  Maybe, just maybe, Trina is the answer.  Why would the queen be so determined to kill off the MacElvy clan?  There are rumors of a prophecy. Are they involved in it?

After fifteen years without a woman, Logan finds himself wanting Trina. He offers her a bargain for saving her life.  She can join him in his bed, or become his indentured slave for one year and a day.  Even though she wants him, she chooses slavery over sex. Taking Trina to the cottage of his seven uncles for safety, he plots a way to convince the queen Trina is dead.  With the heart of a doe in a box, the queen accepts Logan’s promise that the witch is indeed dead.  If the queen finds out he has once again betrayed her, imprisonment would be the least of his problems.

Trina and Logan can’t seem to stop the feelings they have for one another, and before long give in to them.  He knows that she will live a long life as a gypsy witch, but he will live much longer. If he allows himself to have feelings for her, he will eventually be hurt when she dies.  She, on the other hand, doesn’t quite trust him, since he is a fae and an enemy of her people.  Her parents were killed by fae, yet here she is falling for one.  They need each other. She needs his help to find her family; he needs her help to find the prince.

I really loved this story, an adult fairytale based on Sleeping Beauty, definitely not the story we grew up on.  There is, of course, a mean queen, seven uncles, a mirror, a poisoned apple, a beautiful witch, and a handsome elf. There are betrayals and lies, and it kept my interest from page one.  Although there will be more books in this series, there is no cliffhanger regarding this particular story.  I can’t wait to read more about the Black Court.

** PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards Winner: 2nd Place 2015 Best Urban Fantasy Romance Series **


** PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards Winner:  2nd Place 2014 Best Fantasy Series **


** PRG Reviewer’s Choice Awards Winner:  3rd Place 2014 Best Fantasy novel **