Dark Prisoner: The Kruthos Key Book Cover Dark Prisoner: The Kruthos Key
The Dark Prisoner Series Book 1
D. Thomas Jerlo
Paranormal, Magical Realism, Fantasy, Mystery-Thriller
Foundations, LLC
May 15, 2017

Suna Di’Viao, the last of the Divenean race, has hidden from the world, blaming herself for the demise of King Markes and Queen Saliste. It’s a fate she believes she deserves, but when she’s summoned on a quest by a mysterious stranger, her Divenean heritage won’t allow her to refuse. Tired of representing a kingless land, Feran Lambert, the youngest General every appointed to Dunkerk’s Guardians and Elite Guards, retires his post in disgust. Representing a kingdom more intent on assassination attempts and trying to navigate the rungs of power, he leaves Dunkerk, but his path leads straight to Suna. He soon realizes that perhaps it wasn’t stupidity that made his decide to accept this quest, but rather fate. More than duty binds them together, and in order to save Etharia, it’s a rush against time to find the Kruthos key. With a demon lord, his minion and an evil imp spawn searching for the same object, throw in an underlord intent on taking the throne of Dunkerk for his own, the future of Etharia looks bleak indeed.

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Suna Di’Viao is the last of the Divenean race and since the death of the king and queen who she was to protect she has voluntarily put herself into isolation. Suna lives with the constant guilt that she did not protect the king and queen and the baby the queen carried who was the next in line to the throne. In actuality their deaths were not her fault but that doesn’t mean anything to her, they are dead and she did not save them.

Suna was the protector of Etharia and visions and words from a stranger with mage’ic have insisted that she has to save Etharia and she must meet the man who will be her companion. No longer able to deny what is expected of her she heads out to Bailor’s Inn where she will meet the man who will join her on her quest.

One thousand years ago the Divenean race imprisoned an evil mage Balthazar and his demon servant Isafel. Isafel is free and searching for the means of freeing his master, the Kruthos and the key to open it. Suna knows that the Kruthos lock has been found but the key hasn’t and she and her companion must find the key before Isafel. Balthazar is building an army within his prison and the war to end all wars will bring an end to everyone’s existence leaving a wasteland and dark evil. Balthazar has found a way to create his army and he created Ilio an evil imp who is on the search for the key.

At the inn Suna meets her companion Feran Lambert who has been having visions of his own. In his visions he dreams of a being of pure evil who is after him, now the mage and the ex-General are on a quest to find the key and stop the evil. As if keeping Balthazar in prison and having to deal with Ilio and Isafel isn’t enough there are those with evil plans of their own and just another problem that Suna and Feran have to deal with.

There is an attraction between Suna and Feran but neither of them acts on it. There is also another powerful mage working in the background directing and helping when necessary. Descriptions of Ilio should be read way before or after you eat, he is a repulsive little imp. I enjoyed the book but there are many unanswered questions at the end and hopefully the next book in the series will answer alot of them.