Darkest Hour Before Dawn Book Cover Darkest Hour Before Dawn
Charlie Cochet
UF/ Shifters
Dreamspinner Press
April 25, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

We fans of Charlie Cochet’s series THIRDS  have waited a long time for this story.  I was so excited for its release.  Seb and Hudson’s story had heartbreaking on it from all the past books. We all wanted a happy ending, a place where each man searched their hearts, and could make a final decision whatever it was. It was too painful to watch all these years with their searching eyes, the yearning and the pain.

Ms. Cochet did this story in each man’s POV which helped the reader understand what was in their mind and hearts. We saw the original accident where a young human was killed as two THIRD’S agents Seb and Hudson were chasing a suspect, being told the area was contained. A woman holding a child appeared caught in the line of fire as the perp had his gun pointed at Hudson. Seb’s first reaction was for the safety of his partner as the woman appeared safe. The child died, and blame was brought to THIRDS that  the men ignored their mantra Human Life First. This has been the factor of Hudson not forgiving himself as the woman clearly made them feel her pain. Now Ms. Cochet used this book for both men to self examine themselves realistically, since they really wanted to be together. Seven years apart was a long time.

I had only wished that all the ‘other’ THIRDS, TIN,  stuff  that I know we need to see this series move forward,  would not take away from these two wonderful men healing, trusting and having ‘their’ time. They need not to be involved in all the tumult like a Dex and Sloane book. But like the good soldiers they are, they managed it well, although I would have liked a bit more for them.

The ending had great surprises and Ms Cochet is setting us up for many more stories for our THIRDS gang.

Ps Ms Cochet….Prospect Park and Empire Blvd is where I grew up….Loved the touch!!!!