Darkness Threatening Book Cover Darkness Threatening
Yellowstone Wolves
Dirk Greyson
MM Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
February 3, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Juneau Romanov has taken over for his father, Anton, since he was defeated by Mikael Volokov of the Old Faithful Pack. Fredrik, Juneau’s brother, once again finds himself living under a dictator, only this time the dictator is much worse. Fredrik lives as a prisoner and being gay just makes him an easy target for Juneau.

Fredrik’s life changes when one of his brother’s betas brings him a present, a young girl. Fredrik knows what awaits her and he finds himself unable to just sit back and let her be savaged by his monster of a brother. He finds strength he never knew existed and he kills his brother’s beta and brings the girl home. This is no ordinary girl she is Jane, Alpha Mikael’s niece, and when he returns her to her pack and family he finds himself in the presence of his mate.

Fredrik’s mate is Mikael’s brother, Christopher, who has isolated himself from the pack and his family. Christopher wanted to take over one of the packs as the alpha, but Mikael would not allow it stating he was not ready. Now all Christopher wants to do is try to find a way to fit in and so he has moved into a small cave and stayed clear of everyone. Then the unexpected happens when he smells his mate.

Fredrik and Christopher know immediately what they are to each other, but Fredrik wants to leave in order to protect Christopher and the pack from his insane brother who will not stop until he gets revenge. Mates are hard to find, and in spite of his desire to do the right thing he can’t seem to just leave. As if Christopher is not reason enough to stay they find two pups, twins in a cage being held prisoner by hunters. Fredrik knows immediately they are part of his family and probably only knew cruelness. There is no doubt in his mind these pups who are around three have the same darkness inside them he has. This darkness scares Fredrik for he is worried he could become his father.

What is this darkness that lives inside Fredrik? Will this darkness change Fredrik for the worse? What will happen to the twins, Pietro and Nate? There is vivid sex, two adorable pups, who always want to be “wolfies” and two amazing men. This is the second book in the series and we do reconnect with the characters from book one. Although it is not really necessary to read them in order, it would be a shame to miss out on Mikael and his mate Denton’s story.