Dawn of the Cyborg Book Cover Dawn of the Cyborg
Marie Dry
Sci-Fi Romance
Black Opal Books
September 1, 2018

On a future earth, Aurora has been desperately searching for her long-lost sister, when she is sacrificed to Balthazar, leader of the fearsome Cyborgs who invaded earth. Now she is stuck on an alien spaceship with a crazy Cyborg who thinks she can give him a soul and who has a weird fixation with the way she moves. Aurora is desperate to return to earth to search for her sister while the President of United Earth insists that only she can save Earth from enslavement by the cyborgs. After spending time with the cyborgs, Aurora realizes that the machine she thought would be easy to betray, the machine she has to betray, if she ever wants to rescue her sister from enslavement, has turned into a man she could come to love.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Aurora Skuy is the Grand Master of the Phoenix Foundation whose purpose is to help those in need and especially children who were once held as slaves. She knows what it is like to be a slave since her very own parents sold her and her sister when they were young. When she and her sister finally had a chance to escape they began to run with no intention of looking back. Unfortunately Aurora didn’t look back and see her sister stumble once again in the hands of their slave master. She has searched for years for her sister and feels she is getting close only a meeting with the President of United Earth changed everything.

The President informed her that she would be sacrificed for the good of Earth and she would belong to the leader of the cyborgs, Balthazar. It has been a year since the cyborgs enslaved Earth and when Balthazar requested Aurora the President saw the opportunity for her to gain his trust and give Earth the upper hand. She was given a hair pin that contained an injection capable of making Balthazar pliable in addition to a suitcase filled with explosives.

Aurora isn’t interested in being Earth’s savior she is only interested in being her sister’s savior but she is no longer in control of her life. Her one request to the President is that he find and rescue her sister and she would do whatever she could to seduce Balthazar and save Earth.

Balthazar was created by Bunrika from the planet Tunria and were used as slaves, when Bunrika betrayed him he was killed. Balthazar was able to escape from Tunria rescuing a total of seventy other cyborgs and stealing the Tunria ship. When Balthazar saw Aurora on social media saving a little boy from being run over he was determined to have her. Bunrika told him that a human mate would give him a soul and he was sure Aurora was the one that would do it.

Aurora finds herself on a space ship circling Earth with the ability to destroy it and everyone on it. She needs to find out information for the President and had no idea that she would fall for this cyborg. Everything Balthazar knows about Earth he has learned from watching social media and he is determined to have sex with Aurora. He approaches her by telling her he wants to see her hooha, obviously the word he heard on social media for vagina. She knows she has to seduce Balthazar but little by little she begins to feel guilty about it, the only thing that would make her betray him is saving her sister.

Aurora begins to have an influence on Balthazar and his men although she has no idea how few of them there are. She is also foolish in her belief and the belief of the president that Balthazar is not advanced enough to know everything that is going on.

I truly loved this book although not a huge sci-fi fan, well in books anyway. Balthazar once a slave can’t see that he is doing exactly the same thing to Earth that was done to him and can’t see that a soul can’t be given it is who you are. Can Aurora teach Balthazar how to be more human than machine? Can she release the soul he doesn’t realize he has? I enjoyed everything about this book and especially the characters. This is not my first Marie Dry book and definitely won’t be my last.