Dead Man's Quill Book Cover Dead Man's Quill
The ABCs of Spellcraft Book 4
Jordan Castillo Price
M/M Paranormal adventure
August 8, 2019

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a hand.

Dixon has been dying to introduce Yuri to Uncle Fonzo, the Hand of his family, and now he’ll finally get that chance. All they need to do is meet him at a traveling carnival with an unused piece of Spellcraft.

Easy peasy, right?

Not even a little. And even worse, they might encounter a clown.

Uncle Fonzo has left a trail of magical destruction in his wake, but he claims he’s been helping people. Spellcrafters are a slippery bunch, and it’s hard to say if he’s stretching the truth or telling an outright lie. One thing’s for sure, he’s between a rock and a hard place now, and if he doesn’t deliver an outrageous ransom to Strange Manor by midnight, all deals are off.

From a lackluster carnival with a booby-trapped tour bus to the decrepit mausoleum behind an old mental asylum, the Spellcraft leads Dixon and Yuri on a goose chase that’s not only wild…but deadly.

The ABCs of Spellcraft is a series filled with bad jokes and good magic, where MM Romance meets Paranormal Cozy. A perky hero, a brooding love interest, and delightfully twisty-turny stories that never end up quite where you’d expect. The books are best read in order, so be sure to start at the beginning with Quill Me Now.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

PRG Review Chair

Jordan Castillo Price has taken us on a magical quest to Find Uncle Fonzo. This deliberate fun adventure has taken us to the heights of crazy, with a fun story of blind trust.

From book #1 Quill Me Now where we were introduced to this world… the Spellcrafters and Seer world….we followed the trail  with sweet Dixon and the big bad tattooed Russian Yuri to Taco Town and then to the Smelly Spa it was like a bad B movie comedy….but I buttered my popcorn and ran with it( as you should )we have now finally heard from Uncle Fonzo and have taken off to meet him at a fair.

Miss Price didn’t miss a thing with her plot bunny in hand taking us thru a dark trailer filled with balloons worrying if a scary clown could suddenly appear….and now at the stroke of midnight having dinner at the Strange Mansion.

Inventive, Fun, and seriously sexy our heroes think this is over….But is it???????