Deadly Darkness Book Cover Deadly Darkness
Daughters of Highland Darkness Trilogy Book 2
Victoria Zak
Romance, Scottish, Gothic
Amazon Digital Services LLC
February 27, 2018

Step into the sexy world of the Fae Vampire sisters from the Scottish Highlands.

A sister’s unbreakable loyalty…

Left for dead by the evil queen’s dark servant, Adaira finds herself in the hands of Rafe, a wolf-shifter who threatens her sanity and indomitable heart.

A commander’s unshakeable love…

Ordered to capture the Keith sisters, Rafe Madok, commander of the Honor Guard, must turn over the woman he loves to face justice.

Both must follow their hearts…

By secretly protecting the Keith sisters at the same time he’s expected to capture them, Rafe’s position in his pack is in jeopardy. She must clear her sister’s name and defy the man she loves by asking Rafe to escort her to the very laird that ordered her arrest. Will Rafe choose duty over love? Can Adaira protect her sister and openly love Rafe at the same time? Or will fate destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to protect?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team 

Adaira Keith has been running from a fae prince sent by the queen and when he suddenly took off leaving her she thought she was finally safe unfortunately he had already gotten to her and the poison is killing her.

Desperate to find help she finds an encampment and hides in one of the tents with no knowledge of who she will find. With her strength almost gone she has no choice but to stay where she is but she comes face to face with a wolf, a wolf that shifts into a human man she has known and loved for years, Rafe Madok.

Rafe is the alpha of his pack and they have been searching for Adaira and her sisters to return them to Laird Cormag who wants them to pay for the death of his only son. Rafe has loved Adaira and he is the one that saved Masie now he is determined to save the woman he loves. He knows exactly what Adaira is but that means nothing to him, the only thing that matters is saving her. Adaira has pushed Rafe away time and time again convinced that she is incapable of love due to a traumatic event caused by her father and something noone knows about even her sisters, but he is not going to take no for much longer.

When Adaira recovers and reveals her plan to return to Cormag and find evidence that will prove she and her sisters did not murder Cormag’s son Rafe is livid. He knows that going back she will never get a chance to prove her innocence because Cormag will never give her the chance but she will not take no for an answer. Since his men no nothing of his involvement with the Keith sisters he must treat her as any other prisoner even though it breaks his heart. On the way back Adaira does finally admit to her love for Rafe but is it too late.

Adaira is convinced she can prove their innocence and then find her sisters but she soon finds out that was just a pipe dream. Rafe has to do everything in his power to save her and at the same time protect his pack putting him in a very tenuous situation.

This book like the first one is wonderful, filed with sex, betrayals, lies, secrets and surprises. This book also involves two acts of rape. Although Adaira and Rafe’s story is complete the queen is still out there and I can’t wait to read the final book and get all the answers. I will say that I loved the books so much that I actually read the first two in one day.