Death by Séance Book Cover Death by Séance
A Ghost & Abby Mystery Book 3
Jo-Ann Carson
Paranormal Romance
JRT Publications
May 7, 2018

Love, Lies & Lust to Die For

Single Mom Abby Jenkins hunts for a murderer in Sunset Cove, the small Pacific Northwest town famous for all things that go bump in the night.
Abby is the night janitor in the haunted teahouse and only private detective in town. She’s also a reluctant witch with major man-trouble. Blackmailed into attending a séance, she expects to wrestle with a cranky ghost or two, but instead finds herself in the middle of a murder.
Seven people attend the event; some human, some not so much. They have one thing in common: a murky past.
After Abby washes blood off her hands, she’s left with her first whodunit. With the help of her partners in crime: Eric, the Viking ghost with existential issues; Dante, the local Casanova-man-witch; and Sparky, her snarky familiar, she digs into the secrets of the cove.
Will she survive to tell the tale?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Abby Jenkins, mother of three, night janitor in a haunted teahouse in Sunset Cove, in love with a viking ghost and a witch is at it again. All Abby wants is a normal life but that does not seem to be in the cards where she is concerned. When Joy the owner of the teahouses niece begs her to attend a seance she is holding Abby is very hesitant she knows that things could go very very bad and in spite of that she gives in.

At the seance there are humans and vampires and when the lights go out and then come back on their is dead man at the table. Kumar the day man for Elif the town vampire is dead with a knife in his neck and it is something that Abby finds impossible to ignore. She is still running her private eye business out of the teahouse and this would be the first real case she would be involved in. She even finds a piece of evidence, a locket that she keeps to herself rather than turn over to the authorities.

Abby is asked by Elif to find Kumar’s killer and she would have to involve herself with vampires. There is a new vampire in town who Elif claims wants to take over and he becomes a suspect. Abby is about to become involved in something deadly because even as a witch she would have no power over a vampire.

Abby is determined to find out who killed Kumar no matter where it leads her even though she knows rationally that she would be putting herself in real danger. She has three children who depend on her but she still won’t let it go. Eric the ghost she loves has been disappearing and Dante the man witch has been trying to insert himself in her life. She is attracted to Dante but her love for Eric is very strong.

Eric has been seeing Guiden a sorcerer who has promised him the gift of life but the price is too high, he would be Guiden’s assassin something that Abby would never be able to accept. So much going on and Abby on the search for a killer she is sure is a vampire. As always Abby manages to bring humor in spite of the seriousness of the situation and with her lynx familiar Sparky she manages to find her man. Who the killer is is not for me to say but I will say that this series is just a lot of fun mixed in with murder and mayhem.