Death's Primordial Kiss Book Cover Death's Primordial Kiss
The Silvered Moon Diaries Book 1
Romarin Demetri
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
October 3, 2018

Welcome to the London Coven-- if your unpredictable powers can get you to induction. 

In a world where everyone wants to see you fail, it’ll be a bloody day in hell before you give up. Helaine would gladly skip university if it meant joining the London Coven, but because of her prestigious family, no one in the city wants to watch her gain rights to protect them for ten years. A firecracker by nature, Helaine’s desire to succeed is fueled by proving others wrong. Can she stand up for herself at auditions and win the title of coven witch out from under both her sister, Rose, and her magic-wielding ex-boyfriend?

Sometimes when there’s no place for you in the world, you have to make your own. Unhuman, Rose has felt like an alien her whole life. The coven can give her a sense of identity, but when powers go awry, untamable passion can be even more dangerous than a witch hunter. Rose’s magical abilities are dependent on lust and desire, and also on the help of her mentor, whose talent intimidates her just as much as the tension between them does. However, does being a prophesied witch unlike any other mean that she doesn’t have a match and is destined to be alone to save the world?

When martial artists Helaine and Rose compete against each other for a place as an initiate on the London Coven, they realize the dangers of conspiracy when one of their peers is murdered. Now, with someone burning through witches, the coven’s newest initiate member must put aside her guilt and perfect her powerful, yet unpredictable elemental magic to save her fellow witches, or she could lose her career, loved ones, or her mortality.

Reviewed by:   Douglas C. Meeks

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Well to start with a bit of overview from my perspective, this is very generally a more grown up (19-24 old) version of Harry Potter.  We have some try outs, some peers in pretty much a dorm setting and throw in a bit of sexual/teenage angst and you have the basic setting.

Actually, our two heroines Rose and Helaine do make an interesting story and the sex is pretty much nonexistent other than dreams in this first volume of this series (trilogy?) but this is where I started getting bogged down a bit, even though I may be failing at describing how enjoyable this story was, the telling of it was very verbose and it seemed to need a story editor to trim it down a bit since we had a lot of “day-in-the-life” segments.

There is some serious drama on several fronts not the least of which is a plot to kill at least one or more of them (I am working hard not to have any spoilers folks).

Now that I am left wanting more of this story!  To which I find shocking to myself since stories about teenage girls even though they are about 20 is NOT my forte but I loved the story.

Now for the downside, since the release date is Oct 2018 and I am writing this in May 2018, I assume I am reading an unedited ARC because it has so many editing problems from misuse of words to problems keeping up with who is speaking or even misnaming the speaker once or twice. Throw in the fact that these 2 females between them have about 5+ names they are called adds even more to the confusion.  While I loved it, several times I had to stop and figure out who was talking or who was being talked about so I am going to HOPE there is an editor in the wings to fix these things.

In spite of any negatives I loved it and want more so 4 Stars it is and hope I get to see book 2 very soon.