Debacle Book Cover Debacle
Love, Sex, and Magic Book 2
T.B. Bond
Paranormal Romance
December 20, 2013

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jaime Richards, whose real first name is James, has six sisters, each with the same father and different mothers. James is a siren, her sister Nicky is a vampire, Keith, is a wood elf, her sister Edward, is a succubus. All in all, they are a very interesting family.

When James meets Brian, she is convinced that he is mister right, only she couldn’t be more wrong. When the realization that the man she thought she wanted to be with turned out to be lower than a snake, she decided to go to Las Vegas to give herself time to get over everything that happened. Vegas was the place someone in the family went when they needed time away and knew that the family would not intrude. While there, she meets Les Ramsey, a policeman on his vacation. In the famous words “It’s a small world,” Les is the roommate of Jamie’s sister, Edward’s boyfriend, a werewolf named Jackson.

Almost instantly, James and Les had a connection. When she realized that he was not the type of man to want a commitment, she decided to leave before she got too involved. It turns out Les, in spite of not wanting a serious relationship, can’t seem to accept the fact that James left him. He decides to drink himself into oblivion. As soon as he begins to start feeling desensitized, in walks James with another man. Although he doesn’t want a commitment, the idea of another man with James sets him off.

Then like many other couples in Las Vegas under the influence of alcohol, Les drags James to a wedding chapel. Mr. Non-Committal is now a married man. As many times as James tried to talk him out of it he wouldn’t hear NO. The biggest surprise is that now sober, he is not sorry about the marriage and is willing to give it a try. Now all the newly married couple has to do is tell their families, surprise, surprise.

I really wish I could be more positive about this series, but the book just involved the relationship between James and Les and Edward and Jack. There were little or no real surprises and unfortunately, there was no ending. When the book ended, I kept searching for more.

If you like paranormal romance and don’t mind cliffhangers, something I for one hate, then you would enjoy this book. Please take my review with a grain of salt. Since I totally dislike cliffhangers, my opinion of the book may have been tainted a little.