Debriefing the Dead Book Cover Debriefing the Dead
The Dead Series Book 1
Kerry Blaisdell
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
May 7, 2018

The only thing Hyacinth wants is her life back. Literally. She and her sister were murdered by Demons, leaving her young nephew, Geordi, to his father’s family in the brutal Sicilian Mob. Then Archangel Michael offers her a deal: recapture a powerful rock the Demons stole, and she can live long enough to find Geordi a safe home. Refuse, and she’ll continue up (or down) to the Afterlife.

So, slightly more alive than dead, she heads for Turkey and the Demons, taking Geordi, her mysterious neighbor Jason, and a sexy dead guy only she can see with her. But the hardest part won’t be battling Demons, meeting Satan, or dodging Middle Eastern customs—it will be later, when Geordi is settled, and Michael rips her away again. How can she abandon her nephew? Or can she outwit the Angel of Death himself, and stay with Geordi forever?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Hyacinth Finch is a past grave robber and is now a fence. She has a shop called Boutique des Antiquities and the two most important people in her life are her sister Lily and her nephew Geordi. She has protected her sister from her ex-husband Nick Dioguardis the son of the head of the Sicilian Mob and a violent man who wants his family back at all costs.

When Hyacinth is offered a lot of money to locate a shipment that her partner had left for her before he died she knew that the money would be useful in helping Lily get away from Nick. When she searched the items she had in storage there seemed to be nothing outstanding except for a plain rock that seemed to scream out to her. She turned over everything but the rock and that act would bring about Lily, Hyacinth and Nick’s death. The Rousseaux who hired her wanted the rock and they were not human.

Hyacinth knew she was dead when she came face to face with the Archangel, Michael who had to decide her fate, up or down. She never found out which door she would enter because when she mentioned finding the stone Michael had other plans for her. She would return to Earth and find the stone and return it to Michael and that would give her the precious time she needed to find a safe place for her nephew before the Dioguardis found him and turned a sweet loving boy into a monster like his father.

It was with help from her neighbor Jason that she was able to set off in search of the stone but never revealed what she was and what she was searching for. Jason knows she is keeping secrets from him but then she wasn’t the only one with secrets because Jason had secrets of his own. Jason, Hyacinth and Geordi are set to take her dead partner’s boat and head to Turkey but they pick up another passenger a dead cop named Eric Guilliot who got caught in the middle of a fire fight. Only Hyacinth can see Eric and he doesn’t want to leave, he needs her help and he is willing to do whatever he can to help her, “his angel”.

Hyacinth has to find and return a stone and hope that by doing that Michael will allow her to remain on Earth and protect Geordi. She now has the ability to see the dead and begins to have feelings for both Jason and Eric but is that due to the fact that being reborn, not totally dead and not totally alive or is she just falling for both men. An amazing story filled with secrets and surprises and an adorable seven year old. The story doesn’t lack in suspense and left me hurrying to finish so I could find out what Jason’s secret was.

I can’t wait for the next book in the series which I hope will be sooner rather than later.