Destiny's Present Book Cover Destiny's Present
Daughters of the Cresent Moon Book 2
Patricia Lee
Paranormal Romance
Phoenix Literary Publishing
November 3, 2015

The sorceress Narena has done many things for Leisos – advised the king, helped heal a young girl and sent a prince forward in time to save his life. Now, to protect her people, she may have to sacrifice herself, her lover, her child. Maybe even all three.

She hunts for the one who threatens the royal family and the throne of Leisos. And also seeks the daughter taken from her at birth. There’s only one problem. They might be one and the same. What she finds on her quest is love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, and a revelation that will change her life forever.

Ardis is a warrior and former captain of the king’s army. His allegiance to the throne lives in his blood – as does the secret he carries. He will protect both at all costs. Even if it means killing Narena or someone she loves.

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


This is the second book in the trilogy and like the first it is a must read. This series is wonderful and should be read in order.

With the discovery that the man who tried to kill Prince Jarek was none other than his uncle, Lord Tavarian, things seemed to settle down, but not for long. Tavarian is executed and the healer who assisted him in his treason is locked in chains. However, it has been revealed that there is a conspirator, one with the presence of dark magic. That person is Selaya, Narena the sorceress’ daughter.  Twenty years ago, Narena’s child was taken from her at birth and she has not seen her since. Who took her and why?  Now she is on a quest to find Selaya. If it is true her daughter is using black magic and is part of a plot to destroy the king and his family, Narena will have no choice but to kill her.  Narena is not just trying to save the royal family. but all those who live in Leisos.

With a heavy heart, Narena heads out seeking her daughter, hoping against hope that killing her will not be required.  Selaya does not just have the blood of a sorceress, but also that of a wizard making her even more powerful.  Narena’s journey leads her to the home of Ardis, a warrior and a Captain in the King’s army.  Ardis is now a trainer and he lives with his daughter Rhiann.  When Narena asks for a place to spend the night, she is met with blatant rudeness and is asked to leave. Hoever, his daughter keeps that from happening.  It does not take long for Narena to realize she is looking at her own daughter, Selaya. Before she knows it, her life will forever change.  Why did Ardis have her daughter?  Who gave her to him?  And why does Narena have lustful feelings for Ardis?

It appears her journey to find her daughter is over and Selaya, or Rhiann, as she is now called is innocent.  Or is she?  When Rhiann is attacked by a wolf, Narena calls out to Kelly, the new healer, and Jarek’s é for help.  Kelly arrives with Jarek’s twin brother. They realize that they must work together to find the wizard determined to control the throne.  Who is this wizard?  Is he working alone?  Will they be able to find him?

This is an amazing series and I can’t recommend it enough.  We get many answers in this book and there are many surprises.  Betrayal, love, suspense, and so much more are part of this series.  Although we learn a lot this time around, I can’t wait for the third book for all the answers to all the questions. There were so many exciting things that I wanted to reveal so writing this review was difficult since I had to fight not to give any spoilers away.