The Determined Bride Book Cover The Determined Bride
The McCoys Book 7
Toni V. Sweeney
Historical Romance
Class Act Books
August 13, 2016

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal romance Guild

Oh Bridey, how I waited for your story! All the boys seemed to get top billing through generations, and I waited for your life story that was hidden in the shadows. Toni V Sweeney is one heck of a story teller. Her stories flow through the pages, mesmerizing her readers in whatever genre she chooses. I started her books years ago following her Khan Ingan series and never stopped buying ANYTHING she wrote. Paranormal, Historical, Sci-fi and Romance as Icy Snow Blackstone and Toni Sweeney.

The McCoy series in its 7th book has given us all the lives of Patriarch Quentin McCoy and his 3 sons and then beginning with their children; his grandchildren. Daughter Brigid was the shadow we waited to meet, and she did not disappoint.

Being the daughter of a rich family in Tipperary,  Brigid was innocent to the ways of marriage when her beau’s came a-courting. She fell in starry eyed love with the young man her father chose and was married with appropriate dowry to Eamonn O’Neill. The young man seemed shy, and after the wedding, Brigid was brought to his estate she learned shy was not the case.

Determined she was and set out a plan to have Eamonn fall in lust first and love next with a happily ever after the appropriate ending… The story was charming, and held my attention and made me feel good. The elaborate plan to seduce her husband was fun, light hearted and just what I needed in an afternoons read…Would loe to see some more of this growing family…will there be more???