Dinner with The Wolf Book Cover Dinner with The Wolf
Misfits & Rogues Series Book 2
Kimberly Forrest
Paranormal Romance
May 23, 2019

The road trip from hell will change both their lives forever…
She needed an escape…
Fearing punishment from her maker, vampire, and former actress, Vivian Page flees the sanctuary of Greenlawn Hall. But the world outside is dangerous, and luck has abandoned her as she’s put through one trial after another. She would have welcomed a rescue if it hadn’t come in the form of the one man who hated her.
He was looking for a way out…
Cursed with immortality, wolf shifter Jules Kincaid has been slowly going insane for years as his inner beast balked against their unnatural state. The last thing he needed was to be charged with fetching the petulant and spoiled vampire he hated home. Surely the universe was testing him, but if it brought him closer to his goal of finding the would-be angel that cursed him, he’d do it.
After decades of avoiding each other, forced proximity is the last thing either of them wanted, but as enemies become lovers, it may just prove the one thing they both needed.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Before reading this review if you haven’t read book one, Tea with Monsters, then I recommend starting there. To truly understand the characters who all appear in both books then starting with book one is the best way to do that.

If you have already read book one then you know all about Vivian Page a former actress who made a deal with the devil, Thane Stroud a Born vampire to ensure that she never loses her beauty, unfortunately she failed to read the contract and was unaware of the fact that she would be in his debt for two hundred years. Vain, self-centered and with delusions of grandeur Vivian messed up when she invited a human to visit Greenlawn Hall the home of a seer, shifter, a woman who uses magic and a vampire. When Vivian had a spat with wolf shifter Jules Kincaid their secret was revealed and Thane was in the process of killing a human with knowledge of what they are. It was then that Vivian realized that she had to run because the next one to feel Thane’s wrath would be her.

Vivian was convinced that keeping a low profile she could keep out of the eyes of the Born but a low profile is the last thing she is capable of. It is Jules who is sent to find her and return her before it is too late and he is the last one in the world who should go since he and Vivian have a history of hating each other.

Jules was cursed with immortality and is in a constant fight with his wolf, little by little he is losing his sanity and his only hope is to find the one that cursed him and have it reversed. Now he finds himself dealing with a woman he has little or no respect for even though at one time he felt a deep attraction to her. Vivian is well aware of how Jules feels about her and as they travel home together she begins to see herself as others see her and it does not make her happy. As she more and more becomes the girl she once was before her desire for fame overtook her she and Jules get closer and closer but she is not finished causing trouble.

Vivian is like a magnet for trouble and she once again brings trouble to her and everyone at Greenlawn Hall. What she does is not for me to reveal. What happens between Jules and Vivian and whether she faces punishment or death for what she has done is also not for me to reveal, I will reveal that I love this series, highly recommend it and can’t wait for more. This series is everything you could hope for in a paranormal romance according to this reviewer.