Diomere's Mercenary Book Cover Diomere's Mercenary
The Gate Keeper Chronicles Book 3
Sabrina A. Fish
Paranormal Romance Fantasy
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
September 14, 2020

Five Gates. Five Sisters. Five Very Different Men.

Once there were two worlds connected by five magical gates. Then the Gate Keepers closed the gates and disappeared. The Gate Keepers have returned.

Ripped from her home and sold to the mercenary guild as a child, Kardia Quinones overcame her father's betrayal and made a place for herself as a respected mercenary. Then war threatens her beloved guild and her homeland.

Sahir Mekala wakes after twenty-three years to find his people on the brink of war and his intended mate unwilling to accept him. But dragons are as stubborn as harpies and he'll let nothing stop him from claiming her.

When Kardia and Sahir find themselves working together, sparks fly. Despite Kardia's reluctance to ever trust another male, Sahir sets out to prove exactly how perfect the match between a dragon and harpy can be.

Reviewed by Madison Davis 

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

 Sahir Mekala, who plays a major role in this book, wakes up to find his world changed. But most of all his mate changed. Kardia grew into a breathtaking beauty. He is immediately intrigued by her, her strength, her aura and her entire being. But Kardia has been hurt. She’s not as easy to commit as she should have been… Sahir needs to fight for her heart and her love. 


The two protagonists in this book share unbelievable chemistry. The romance between them blossoms into heated flames. Considering they are both very different supernatural beings the magic around them turns their bond into something as strong and sparkling as hot and damp.


However, Diomere’s Mercenary is not only ‘Romance’. Both protagonists have a task to fulfill and the plot turns around their duty, their fight and their loyalty. The plot in this third book in the series is as fast paced and eventful as the first two books in the series, Diomere’s Exile and Diomere’s Healer.


In this book I once again had difficulties to orient myself around the new characters and numerous creatures of the supernatural world. Since I knew the first two books I expected as much and it didn’t take me that long to adjust.


In this book I love both protagonists, but I have to admit, I prefer Sahir. There’s nothing wrong with Kardia. She’s an amazing woman with great strength and fantastic values. But I fell a bit for Sahir who, in my opinion, dominates the story a trace more than Kardia does.


The story is wildly developing and only unwinds towards the very end to finally reveal the opponent and once again, I admit, I was surprised.


Diomere’s Mercenary is the third book in the series and I would definitely recommend reading all three books to keep up with the story development. I enjoyed the book enormously and I think Sabrina A. Fish is a very talented writer. I have no doubt the next book will be just as thrilling as these three.