Distant Cousins Book Cover Distant Cousins
Eric Huffbind
M/M Romance
September 28, 2018

Konner was looking forward to learning more about his family heritage. What he found was his entire life was a lie.

Even the worst mistakes can be forgiven

Konner O’Flattery, a passionate amateur genealogist, has finally gotten back the results of the DNA test he took. He’s been waiting months to uncover what mysteries his DNA has locked inside. But his results aren’t anything like he expected, and he unearths a secret buried since birth. His heart becomes shattered leaving no room for forgiveness. Now, Konner feels compelled to go on a journey to find the truth of who and what he truly is.

Through the miracles of modern technology, Konner meets his distant cousin, Aaron Kirschenbaum. Turns out, he knows exactly who Aaron is, yet they’ve never met. Aaron makes the girls and boys alike swoon from his stunning good looks and velvety voice. Unfortunately, he’s picked up a bad habit of abusing his status for his own personal gain.

Konner’s story pulls on the strings of Aaron’s heart. So, he offers to help Konner, in any way he possibly can. Aaron finds Konner to be incredibly attractive, so the two men are swept up into an intense romance filled with sensuous heat and passion.

Distant Cousins is Eric Huffbind’s second published novel, a Contemporary Gay Male Romance. Take a journey with Konner as he finds heartbreak, intrigue, love, passion, and the importance of forgiveness. If you want to rekindle the euphoric high of falling in love, Distant Cousins is the book for you.

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I saw this book on my Amazon feed. Distant Cousins looked interesting…I have never read a book from this author….and Free on Kindle Unlimited!

It is Christmas time….I am writing this review December of 2018. As I write this review, I hear on my TV a commercial for ‘23 and me’ a company selling DNA information for 30 per cent off for the holiday!

I have other factors on why I enjoyed this book so much! First I am of Jewish decent and I understand the problems that our people have that differ from the real world where our persecution in Europe made us live differently than others. Secondly, I have one daughter that we adopted, and the need to know their birth parents medical history becomes an issue. So here I am a Jew who adopted a child, reading this wonderful story.

We meet Konner O’ Flattery, who has finally gotten back the results of the DNA test he took.  To his horror, his results aren’t anything that he expected. This nice middle class Catholic boy, from a large  family of parents and brothers and sisters (of which he is the oldest) uncovers a secret buried since birth. We follow Konner on a journey to find the truth of who he truly is.

In reading this book, Mr. Huffbind has written an interesting story of the ‘new DNAers’ who wish to follow their family tree. These companies also send along percentage lists  about matches closest to the client’s type …and thru these matches we follow Konner reaching out to these matches on a wonderful journey of learning where he came from…. And heal. Yes this s a contemporary romance…..along the way he finds that too!

Great read!