Dominic's Nemesis Book Cover Dominic's Nemesis
The Ambrosi Legacy Book 1
D. Alyce Domain
Gothic Paranormal
November 9, 2015

Reviewed by Charlayne Elizabeth Denney

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Dominic Ambrosi likes his peace and quiet, far from the strain of madness that seems to run in his family. He has secrets he’s not talked about outside of his brothers, who seem to have some of the same “gifts” he has, to one extent or another.

His world turns upside down after one of his brothers rescues a drowning woman and calls him to help. Dominic brings her to his home and finds she may have tried to commit suicide. She just may be as mad as he fears he’s becoming. But he falls for her and also finds that she has more than just a madness she is dealing with, she may also be “gifted”.

Faced with not only a strange woman but a couple of adversaries who are trying to find out just what is going on in the Ambrosi household, Dominic’s life begins to spin out of control, threatening to bring back long-buried ghosts.

I liked Dominic’s Nemesis. It is an interesting story and the author, D. Alyce Domain, managed to keep my attention from the first. The characters are well crafted and remind me of the regency and gothic characters I grew up reading, authors like Charlotte Bronte, Victoria Holt, and Georgette Heyer. The conversations and narration in the book are in that style, an older read than most of the new forms of both Regency and Gothic writing.

The development of the major arch of the series, the “gifts” that the Ambrosi family has, is well rounded and documented. You get the information in small amounts, throughout the book, which leads the reader to want to know more.

I really loved this book and want to read more about the Ambrosi family in the future.