Doubting Hearts Book Cover Doubting Hearts
Susan Mac Nicol
M/M Contemporary Romance
June 30, 2019

Sometimes all you need to overcome the past is a force of nature
When burly contractor Rain Engel is employed to build a bar in a rural hotel in the town of Stamford, he doesn’t count on having to rebuild his faith in people too. The day Rain meets the hotel manager, the secretive and feisty Toby Prentiss, Rain’s defences are laid bare. His confidence in matters of romance has been tested before and he doesn’t want to get hurt again.
Former foster child Toby has a dark past too; one that only comes to light when violence strikes, leaving Toby exposed and raw. His emotions are once again shattered, but he needs to pick up the pieces of his life and carry on, as even more shocking news arrives to send his world into a tailspin. Luckily, he has Rain to help him through it—until Rain's ex-boyfriend arrives on the scene.
A stolen, passionate kiss in a lost property room, missing sheep, sexy pole dancing and a winter drought lead two stubborn men to realise sometimes the very thing they’re searching for is in plain sight all along

This book was originally titled Waiting for Rain, published by Dreamspinner. It has a few changes and a new cover.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild

I had noticed just lately, I had somehow not read two books written by one of my go to authors…… and yes Susan is one of them!  I just finished Stripped Bare from 2013 and now I find Doubting Hearts is the other.

Again I cannot praise this author enough for her character building, her world building and the wonderful story she can evoke. Doubting Hearts is not a wham, bam thank you ma’am  kinda story.

We begin with two young men meeting introduced by fate, and then our author goes to work, slowly peeling off their layers, learning all their baggage. Their hearts are bared and we are the voyeurs watching the dance. Perfection!

This book is so exceptional, I re read it two days later, not wanting to part with Rain and Toby….But truly this touching  love story has given me so much more than a few hours read.  This is not all heavy, angsty, book….Doubting Hearts has some really adorably sweet moments and also very funny moments as well. Read it…loved it.