Dream Child Book Cover Dream Child
Dream Series
JJ DiBenedetto
Paranormal Romance/Suspense
Writing Dreams
November 26, 2013

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

In the last book, Dream Doctor, Sara discovered she was pregnant. Now she has a four-year-old daughter Lizzie, and three-month-old twins, Ben and Steffy.  Sara is in her first year of residency at Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital and Brian is an aerospace engineer designing airplanes.  In spite of their chaotic lives, they still always find time for each other and their children.  I know if I was in their shoes, I would be a walking zombie.

Sara is heading for Washington, D.C. where she will be attending a pediatrics convention. With her is Lizzie and her mother-in-law Helen.  Of course, after seven years, Helen has still not warmed up to Sara. However, the thought of being with her granddaughter, whom she will be watching during the convention, is all the reason she needs to go along on the trip.  While on the train heading for Washington, Lizzie meets Billie a boy around her age, also travelling to Washington, D.C. to surprise his father, Congressman Hanratty.

Sara has had a rough time with her hours and her children so of course the minute she sits down and relaxes she falls asleep.  This time she is awakened by a man banging on the bathroom door and a little voice saying I’m working and I need privacy. Immediately on her feet and wide awake, Sara investigates what is going on and when Lizzie opens the bathroom door she tells her mom that she is not finished treating Billy and she needs inna-veeney.  All in all, Billy just had a little cut and Lizzie insists that she be called Doctor Lizzie. Being around Sara and sometimes accompanying her on rounds at the hospital, little Lizzie knows a lot more about medicine than most four year olds, in fact probably more than some teenagers. When people ask her if she wants to be a doctor when she grows up her response is, I am grown up and I am a doctor.

Everyone, including me, got a laugh out of what happened on the train with Lizzie and Billy but the fun was about to end when Sara’s worst nightmare happens.  She has not had any dreams for four years, but now it seems that Lizzie is having them.  Lizzie dreams about Billy, and he is in a black car with a scary man.  Sara explains about the dreams, and when Lizzie keeps having them Sara knows she must stop whatever is going to happen so that the dreams stop.  Now Sara is in the dreams with Lizzie, and they all revolve around Congressman Hanratty.  Billy’s parents are constantly yelling and from what Sara can make out, the Congressman has sold his soul to be elected.  Can Sara stop whatever is going to happen?  Can she put an end to Lizzie’s dreams?

I loved this story, and part of the reason is Lizzie.  She is the most adorable child and says and does things that put a smile on your face.  This is a four part series and each book is another chapter in Sara and Brian’s life from the time they met in college until now.  I look forward to the last book, Dream Family I can’t wait to see what happens next in their lives.