Dream Family Book Cover Dream Family
Dream Series
JJ DiBenedetto
Paranormal Romance/Suspense
Writing Dreams
November 26, 2013

Reviewed by:   Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

In the last book, Sara discovered her mother also could see into other’s dreams. Now it is almost a year later, and Sara and Brian have both been offered positions in Washington, D.C. For Brian it is a step up, and for Sara, it is private practice with her previous Attending, Laurie.  In order to be there for their daughter and grandchildren, Sara’s parents sold their home and bought a condo not far from them.

The practice is in the same building where Sara and Brian have taken an apartment, so things should finally become more normal for them after years of struggling.  Well, that doesn’t happen because four hours after opening the doors of their new practice, police come in and arrest Sara.  The charge is prescription drug fraud, which seems impossible, especially when Sara has yet to write a prescription.

Since Sara and Brian have no idea who to get as an attorney, she calls the last person she ever would have expected too, Paul Sorrentino, a known mobster. If anyone knows a good criminal lawyer it would be a man like Paul.  In payment for his help, Sara has to promise to be his daughter Grace’s doctor, even if it means travelling two hours from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia whenever he needs her.  It is a payment Sara gladly agrees to. 

While waiting in jail for her lawyer, she is subjected to inhuman treatment by guards who automatically assume you are guilty.  In this case innocent until proven guilty does not apply.  She is handcuffed behind her back for hours and when they need her to move they think nothing of dragging her by her arm.  She is not given food or water and is eventually cavity searched, and not gently.  Little by little Sara begins to break down and by the time the lawyer and her family come for her she is broken.  Even at home when someone comes towards her she puts her hands behind her back to be handcuffed. 

Out on bail Sara is like an empty shell, she can’t even consider having relations with Brian, a man she hopelessly loves.  She is convinced that what happened to her made her dirty and undesirable.  In the meantime, the dreams continue. This time both Lizzie and Sara’s mom see them.  Sara has dreams about Paul and his daughter Gracie, and her mom has dreams about her best friend Kat, Sara’s godmother.  Kat is having trouble with her business and the Federal Government is looking into illegal practices.  She has a real estate company and has apparently not given the proper amount of money to those who are entitled to a share. These people are suing and the government is involved.

Sara constantly relives her time in prison, but for some reason cannot remember her cavity search.  By blocking that she has fallen into a depression and until she accepts what happened she will not be able to return to normal, if she ever can. 

I found this story at times very unrealistic, and there were way too many dream sequences.  The whole story revolved around Sara and her adjustment to being in jail, only she wasn’t even there a whole day. In addition, Sara came out a broken woman which was a total opposite of the woman who in the last book went face to face with Paul Sorrentino.  I am sure that being in prison is not a cake walk, but I think the author went overboard with Sara.  I also thought the book was too long and drawn out.