Dream Job? Book Cover Dream Job?
Psy Squad, Book 8
Linda Palmer
New Adult/Young Adult, Paranormal, College Romance
Uncial Press
May 15, 2020

RJ Banks, 20, is psychic. Her gifts are her dreams, which are riddled with cryptic hints about the location of the world’s most wanted criminals. This isn’t an accident. RJ, who believes that dreams are just our brains working through recent half thoughts, images, and impressions, deliberately immerses herself in details about these real-life villains in hopes her psychic brain will give her answers the World Security League needs.

Her methods actually work, the reason she was able to help WSL agents find a dangerous cult leader on the run. Now she is trying to find a high-profile politician from Georgia who is also a murderer. Up until now, her dreams have come in threes with a trio of hints in each. While the dreams generally change in locale, theme, and intensity, the hints in each are the same…sort of. A river in one could be an ocean or pond in another. RJ keeps a dream journal to help her figure out the common denominators, in this example water. But the challenge doesn’t end there. Is her assigned villain in a swimming pool? In a bathtub? Or watering his lawn?

The work is challenging, but she loves it…until she dreams about herself in a plane that crashes. Although tempted to blow off the dream, she fears it has something to do with plane tickets she just bought so she can fly to Florida for her parents’ anniversary. Nate, her supervisor suggests driving might be smarter. He also recommends that she hire a bodyguard to go with her and even gives her a name: Wyck Hardy. Wyck isn’t a full-time professional, but does have experience in personal protection. In spite of the fact that he thinks psychics are psycho, RJ hires him. Maybe this trip with be an eye opener for him. Or will it be an eye opener for her?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Rachel Joy (RJ) Banks is a psychic and works for The World Security League locating global criminals using her psychic gift of dreams. She has already been responsible for the capture of one criminal and is now working on finding a Georgia politician named Mark Paul O’Brien accused of killing his mistress.

She has had dreams that might point to O’Brien’s whereabouts but suddenly her dreams have been about her something that has never occurred before. She has airline tickets to Florida to attend the surprise anniversary party her sisters hav arranged for her parents (oh and what a surprise it turns out to be) but her dreams are of her being on a plane being attacked by terrorists and the plane crashing. On the advice of her supervisor Nate she decides it would be best if she drove but not without a bodyguard.

The bodyguard that agrees to accept the job is Wyck Hardy who teaches martial arts to a man who has definitely not gone unnoticed by the females. Surprised that he would agree and the fact that he is willing to do it for $100 a day plus expenses, she decides he is the man for the job. Driving the trip from Jackson, Wyoming will take days, days where Wyck and RJ can learn to like each other or regret ever being together for days in a car.

Her dreams are still centered around her, a plane crash and then a car crash where somebody dies by a gunshot. She eventually sees who the dead man is and realizes what her dream means but it is not something I will reveal.

Whether Wyck and RJ get together, whether RJ finally dreams about O’Brien and finds him and whether Wyck finally accepts that psychics are not abnormal but actually contributes something worthwhile you will have to find out for yourself and finding out will be well worth your time and money.