Dreya Love Transformation Book Cover Dreya Love Transformation
Shifter Reverse Harem Series: Book 1
Dana Lyons
Paranormal Romance, Shifter, Crime Mystery
January 17, 2018

FBI Special Agent Dreya Love prefers to work alone. But when her friend, a senator’s daughter, is killed, she’s forced to partner with Detective Rhys Morgan, or get assigned to ‘the backside of hell.’  More deaths with bodies matching their first victim brings Interpol Agent Quinn Kingston to the team.
As their investigation uncovers a secret genetic research program, a government cover-up, and a warning to ‘walk away,’ the case turns deadly.
The hunt for a killer, a boutique drug, and an unearthly ingredient unite these three in ways they couldn’t imagine.  Soon, they discover the truth leads to a hell they never knew existed.


Reviewed by: Cassandra Wengewicz

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild

Dreya Love is an FBI Special Agent, one without a partner but that doesn’t last long. When she is called by the request of the Senator to investigate the murder of his daughter Libby, her friend, she is forced to work with Rhys Morgan. The suspicious circumstances if Libby’s death begin to appear in other cases, extending to Europe. Agent Quinn Kingston Joins Rhys and Dreya to compare cases, in an attempt to solve these mysterious deaths. They soon realize that these are no ordinary murder cases.

Through their investigation they uncover the existence of a secret genetic research program that is covered up and funded by the government. They have been warned to “walk away,” but knowing the risks, they continue their investigation. The hunt down the suspect only to find themselves in danger. With the new knowledge of a new designer drug and an alien substance, the trio grows as a team and becomes closer than they thought possible. These three agents soon discover there is an entirely different world lurking beneath the shadows, one nobody knows about…but now they are a part it and the adventure is not going to end quickly.

Dreya Love Transformation is a great paranormal crime novel. I really enjoyed how easy this book read. The characters are each unique, with their own voice and personality. The mystery in this tale pulls the reader through, not releasing its grip. I found once I began, I couldn’t put it down…I needed to discover what was going to happen next. You are left full of inpatient curiosity, waiting to see what this trio encounters next.  Despite the great story line and characters, there were some issues that made the book feel rushed. Overall, this is a quick and easy read with suspense and action! A great read for anyone looking for a short book to pull them in and take them on a mystery adventure.