Drinker of Blood Book Cover Drinker of Blood
SPECTR Series 2 Book 3
Jordan L. Hawk
Urban Fantasy
Widdershins Press LLC
March 17, 2017

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Paranormal Romance Guild Sr Reviewer and Review Chair

To those who have not yet have read a book by Jordan Hawk. How sad I feel for you. I understand how this might happen, as we all sometimes let a good author slip by. But if you have not picked up a Wybornne and Griffin book or a SPECTR book, I appeal to you to do so!

Ms Hawke has begun this series with quite an over active imagination; which I adore. The ‘what about this’ theory, takes the reader into dimensions of fantasy, that cannot be imagined and we follow her….like slaves.

SPECTR is an agency that handles cases of paranormal danger. It is a time where humans recognize there are demons, ghouls and things that go bump in the night. We now have an agency to have all paranormals register. Caleb was an unregistered para. From the first you see his rebellion to rules and regulations. John Starkweather is a federal agent along with being an exorcist. Wow, couldn’t be better, Then comes Gray and the beginning.

We are now into our sixth adventure with series 1 and 2. Again Ms. Hawk packs another punch to our senses. Could something be bigger and badder than Gray?  Just when we had been lulled into the Invincible Trio?

Again, the new story is very strong, a great adventure laden with too many spoilers to discuss. With it though it brought us a new cast of characters for the next adventure. I am addicted to the story, love the relationship of the three and cannot wait for more.