Eastern Cowboy Book Cover Eastern Cowboy
Andrew Grey
M/M Romance
Dreamspinner Press
March 16, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Brighton McKenzie has not had an easy life. His parents were killed by a drunk driver and he and his younger sister Brianne were placed in the hands of his aunt and uncle. Both kids felt like second class citizens in their aunt and uncle’s home. The only one they really had good feelings about was their grandfather. As soon as Brighton was able to move out on his own, he took his sister and made sure she had the college education she always dreamed of, the same college education his aunt insisted was a waste of time and money. He put his life on hold to care for the one person in his life he loved above all others, his sister.

Just when everything seemed to be going well, an accident left Brighton with a damaged leg, unable to drive and with difficulty walking. When his boyfriend walked out of the hospital unable to be with a man in his condition, Brighton was convinced that no one would ever love him. In addition to his damaged leg, he was never what people would call good looking. When his aunt called to inform him his grandfather died, he resigned himself to being without him. The reading of the will sent everyone into a tizzy. His grandfather left his farm and all his belongings to Brighton. His aunt was given money; the other grandchildren were given small sums. Brianne received enough money to finish her education without any worries.

The stipulation in the will stated Brighton had to live on the farm for two years. If he sold it before that time, the profits would be shared with everyone in the family. Brianne was happy, his aunt was livid, and Brighton was scared to death. How can a man who can hardly walk work a farm? Would he have enough money to do what had to be done? Who could he get to help him? The easy part was getting someone to help him because the lawyer had a cousin, Tanner, who would worked on ranches was not afraid of hard work and was looking for a job. Maybe with some help he could manage the farm, after all.

Tanner is a large, good looking man who rarely speaks. He, like Brighton, has a problem. He is a stutterer who has been called a dummy more times than he can recall. Each man has a handicap that makes him feel unworthy. When Brighton pays no attention to how Tanner speaks and Tanner shows no concern over Brighton’s leg problem, they become comfortable with each other. What will it lead to? Both men feel unlovable and have to learn that everyone is loveable to someone. My mother always said that there is a chair for every ass; you just habr to find the right one.

OMG, I am going to say it again for what feels like the hundredth time, Andrew Grey has done it again. He has written a beautiful story filled with love, sadness, and happiness. If I were a writer like him, I would be able to come up with something much more dynamic. Then WOW, he did it again! Alas, I am no Andrew Grey. The only problem I have when I get an Andrew Grey book is my husband wants to throw it out the window. He feels I forget about him and just read until the book is finished. Unfortunately for him, he is right!