The Eclectic Paranormal Reader Book Cover The Eclectic Paranormal Reader
Toni V. Sweeney
Class Act Books
March 14, 2014

Reviews by Penelope Adams & Linda Tonis

Members of The Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

1 – Death Comes For Miss Naomi


As 89 year old Naomi Bennet lay dying in her bedroom, her family is gathered waiting on the end. Ms. Naomi is a feisty little old lady and shouldn’t be underestimated, by anyone. Ms. Naomi is one smart old lady, and even with death knocking on her door, can’t be underestimated. Cute story, a bit predictable, but fun.

2 – The Cat’s Letter To His Mistress


This was such an adorable little story about a Special Agent from the planet Felis or as it is sometimes called “The Cat Star”. The Special Agent has been sent to Terra for exploration and possible conquest only he is in for a huge surprise.

To all humans he appears as a kitten and to one human he is soon a pet. He is pampered, fed tuna fish, plays with toys and after awhile when it is time to go home, he tries to convince himself that he was a prisoner, although a very well treated one.

Before he leaves, he writes a letter to his mistress, only when she finds it it is just a bunch of paw prints.  This was a very fun little story.

3 –   The Key: A Leonesse Tale


I have read all the Leonesse books and loved them, and this was just another addition to that series. Lord Ash is the nephew of the Viacomte who has died before advising anyone of who he has picked to be his successor. The only answer is in the sealed vault and the only key is missing. If a new king is not announced in three months time then the Kingdom of Purdha will fall to their enemies. On his death bed, the Viacomte handed Ash a ring telling him to use the key, but where is the key?

Now it is almost noon on the last day of the three months and still no answer until Ash’s brother shows him a book given to him by a Terran boy. Is this book the answer? Can Ash find the key before it is too late? Is Ash the successor or will he and his brother be thrown out to live in the wilderness?

4 – Sidewalk Sale


The last chance for toys in the Mall toy store to get a home is the annual sidewalk sale. A stuffed kitty named Shaggy watches as other toys are bought and leave. This is a cute little story, and can be read in just a few minutes. It reminded me very much of the type of story I would have read at bed time to my son when he was little.

5 – Victory For The Hawk


This is a very short story about courage. When Garet’s children ask him about his past, he decides it is time to tell his story. He now lives far from his homeland, Cymene, and with the use of his Scribe, he has his story put down in writing for all to know.

His greatest memory is of a battle between his father, Cimric, and the leader of the Peylts, Edelwulf, who have invaded Cymene. This is a battle that forever changes Garet’s life. Who wins the battle? How does the event alter Garet’s life?

A short story that tells of a man’s courage against huge odds.

6 – Paradise Redundant


In 13th century England, witchcraft is a hanging offense, an offense Andrew Starr has been found guilty of, so hang he must. His only hope is his loyal servant, the town idiot Hodge, who must brave his master’s inner sanctum to find the idol Master Andrew uses to communicate with his own master. While not a lover of science fiction, I enjoyed this story; it reminded me of my youth and watching a very famous science fiction T.V. show of the 60s. Use your imagination.

7 – Justice Above All


If you have read any of the books in the Kan Ingan Archives, then you will be very familiar with the characters in this short story. Crown Prince Conor Walraven has been caught attempting to kill his father the king and he has no problem admitting his guilt.  His only remorse is that he failed.

Conor was turned in by his brother-in-law, Allan, who was remorseful but did what he felt was right. Conor’s brother Sillian is still in the Church for the Penitent and it would seem that Conor has no problem being executed for his actions. Even when given a way out, he looks the Justices in the eye and tells them he is guilty and will try it again. Now waiting in prison, he calls for his brother on the pretext that he needs to confess his sins, but is that really it?

Is justice done? Is Conor executed? Why did he want Sillian to come to his jail cell? I loved all of the Kan Ingan books and this one as well, and if you haven’t read the rest of the series this should stimulate your taste buds.

8 – The Witch, The Wolf, And The Sellsword


In the taverns and ale houses on Dynestra, a place where mortals and unnaturals mix, the Bards are constantly asked to sing a sad song; one that most don’t know is based on a real story.

Ossian is a Sellsword and when he is approached for help by Tamar, a witch, little does he know what he is getting into.  He is to purchase a Wolf Dog named Mikil, remove his silver collar and return him to her.  Mikil is a half wolf and half human, removing his collar sets him free to change.

We have one mortal and two unnaturals all searching for that one thing that will fulfill them.  Have they found it with each other?   Is it possible for a mortal to join with them?  Are they destined to go through life never knowing real happiness and contentment?

This is a very short story about whether it is worse to desire something, or to find what you desire and never have it.

9 – One Good Turn


Chaton became a victim of the latest war by the Terrans. As a wild orphan he was taken aboard a pirate ship run by a man called Snake. Snake took Chaton under his wing and turned him into one of the Federation’s most wanted. Chaton’s mother was a Gypsy and his father was a Felidan and since Felidan’s are a species associated with cats, Chaton’s nickname became The Little Cat. When Snake retired he turned over his ship to Cat making him the new Captain.

Cat’s favorite hangout when he is not pirating is the Neutrino where he plays cards, and wins, thanks to his second in command being the dealer. One night Cat’s life changes, first he is told by a Gypsy that there is no woman for him. No woman will wear his mate ring.  Second he is approached by a Terran woman named Lis Adams who wants Cat to help her find her husband. Lis and her husband Sharn were responsible for robbing a Wells Fargo, only he turned her in and took off with all the money. With a promise to Cat of half the stolen money and Lis herself, he takes the job.

While searching for Sharn Cat runs into trouble, trouble that leaves him badly beaten and coming to a decision that will change his life forever. What is this decision? Who beat him? Do they find the missing man and money? Is Cat destined to be alone the rest of his life?

For a short story there is a lot going on, and if you have read Ms. Sweeney’s Sinbad series you will totally relate to Cat and the other characters in the book. The Sinbad series is one of my favorites and, therefore, there was no doubt I would totally enjoy this. If you do enjoy this story, then I recommend you try the Sinbad books.